Tata Tiago JTP media car for sale: CHEAPER than new


Tata Tiago JTP, which was launched as a hot hatchback was discontinued earlier this year. Powered by a 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine, the Tata Tiago JTP was one of the most affordable performance cars in the market. Well, since Tata does not sell the Tiago JTP in the market now, the media, which was used by the journalists to review the car has been put on sale. Here are the details.

This 2019 Tata Tiago JTP is on sale in Pune, Maharashtra. The seller claims that the car is a media vehicle, which means you must have probably seen the same in a lot of magazines and websites. The car has 13,000 km on the odometer, which is not much at all. This is a one-year-old car and the pictures show that there no visible scratches on the body and there are no dents too.

The vehicle has a warranty for 3 years as claimed in the advertisement by the seller here. Also, the insurance on the car is valid until 2022. The Tiago JTP came in a single variant and it comes powered by a 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 114 PS and 150 Nm of peak torque. This is the same engine that is used by Tata Nexon but the power outputs have been altered to suit the low weight of the hatchback. The Tiago JTP is quick and can do 0-100 km/h in just 9.95 seconds! It gets a five-speed manual transmission but the gear ratios have been updated to match the weight and power of the car. The engine supports multi-drive modes too.

Another change of the Tata Tiago JTP over the regular Tiago is the suspension set-up. It is on the stiffer side, which allows the car to take tighter turns at higher speeds. Also, the suspension is lowered that adds that aggressive stance to the car. The ground clearance of the Tiago JTP 166mm, which is slightly lower than the regular version but since it has only 2,400mm wheelbase, clearing the speed breakers would not be a big problem.

The asking price of this Tata Tiago JTP is only Rs 5.75 lakhs, which is much lower than the ex-showroom price of Rs 6.39 lakhs, which turns out to be around Rs 7 lakh, 0n-road. If you missed buying the vehicle when it was available in the market, this is the chance that you should not miss out. The Tiago JTP looks quite different from the regular Tiago and you also get aluminium pedals with the 8-speaker system. For more information, please contact the seller directly by clicking here.