[Video] BMW robbery fails after accused gets stuck in Delhi traffic

In a daring attempt, a man tried to run away with the BMW X5 SUV of a Lt. Colonel. The incident took place in Delhi Cantonment area at Colonel’s house. Here’s what happened.

What exactly happened?

Lt. Colonel Pinaki Bani had posted an advertisement to sell his Maruti Zen on an online portal. The accused, Jigar Patel visited the home of Lt. Colonel to check the car at 9:40 PM on Wednesday night. The accused said that he hailed from Gujarat, following which both started conversing about the vehicle.

The Army man invited the accused for dinner in Sabre officer’s mess in Delhi Cantt where they both started to discuss the deal. Jigar saw the BMW X5 parked at the mess and started asking the Colonel about it. At this point, the accused said that the BMW X5 could be sold at a good offer too, but the Army officer refused.

The accused insisted on taking the car out for a test drive when Col. Bani agreed to go with him. The accused then pretended that he could not start the high-end SUV. The Army officer got out of the X5 to help the accused. The moment Col. Bani reached the driver’s side, the thief sprayed Chilli powder in Colonel’s eyes and sped away.

The accused then tried to run away with the vehicle. He slammed through the guarded iron gate of the Cantt. Just after crossing the main gate, the accused was stuck in one of the infamous traffic jams of Delhi. After finding himself stuck, he abandoned the vehicle and fled away from the spot.

The cops are yet to trace the accused. Gun-toting army men who were guarding the gates of the Colonel tried to run after the accused but lost him in the traffic.

Selling or buying vehicles online? Beware

This is not an isolated incident where the buyer tries to con the seller contacted through online portals, or vice versa. Last year, a buyer came to get a KTM motorcycle after seeing an online ad and then killed the seller. Here are a few tips that can keep such transactions safe.

  • If the deal is too good to be true, it may be fake or a trap. Be super careful while going ahead with such offers.
  • Most of the scamsters will not reveal their address, and will say that they are from a different town. Beware of such people.
  • Never meet any buyer or seller at a secluded spot. Call the person to a public place or your residence for transcations.