Volkswagen begins used car business in India

Volkswagen has started its used car business in India under the brand name Das WeltAuto. It opened its first dealership in Mumbai this week and 15 Volkswagen dealers across the country will also open these outlets in their dealerships. Volkswagen plans to open 21 Das WeltAuto used car dealerships by the end of the year.

Volkswagen begins used car business in India

The good part of this used car business of Volkswagen is that it is not restricted to only Volkswagen brand cars. You can trade in any make of car at a Das WeltAuto dealership, unlike Maruti True-Value that takes only Maruti cars. Hyundai also has a used car program called Hyundai Advantage, which will exchange any brand of car, but buyers can buy only Hyundai brand cars from it, just like Maruti.

Volkswagen, however, will deal in any brand of car, not just Volkswagen, which makes it a lot more lucrative and will compete with the likes of Mahindra FirstChoice which is a complete used car business dealing in all brands of cars and Ford Assured, Ford India’s used car brand. Also read: Ford launches used car business Ford Assured

Das WeltAuto dealerships will have a 160 point check list for used cars and will buy and sell cars to customers – even customers who want a pre-owned car of some other brand other than Volkswagen.

Carmakers have begun seeing value in the used-car business. It helps them shore up volumes and open up more business lines to better utilize a dealer’s space. It also helps in converting buyers of used cars into new car buyers with attractive deals and trade-up offers. Volkswagen says it will try and provide its used car customers with the same buying experience of a new car. Also read: Mahindra First Choice to open 350 outlets

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