Used Mercedes-Benz, Audi, 2 Cruze sedans and one Hyundai Elantra: Tempting buys

Luxury cars are gaining popularity in the used car market. Just like any other luxury item, luxury cars also depreciate very fast due to which they are available at attractive prices. Most of the time, these used cars are available at half or may be less than half the price of a brand new luxury car. We have seen several well maintained used luxury cars and many have been featured on our website as well. Here we have a video where a well maintained Mercedes-Benz E Class sedan  and an Audi A4 luxury sedan is being sold at an attractive price.

The video has been uploaded by Baba Luxury Car on their YouTube channel. The first car in the video is a Mercedes-Benz E Class. The white colour sedan looks extremely good on video. Apart from a minor scratch on the front bumper, the car has no other dents on it. The car has almost no scratches anywhere on it which means the previous owner took good care of the car.

The car comes with LED DRLs, projector type headlamps, front parking sensors, company fitted dual tone alloy wheels, LED tail lamps and so on. Moving in, the E-Class gets a luxurious cabin. The car get brown and beige dual tone interiors. The car comes with company fitted infotainment screen, multi-function steering wheel, dual zone climate control, electric sunroof, leather wrapped seats and steering wheel, electrically adjustable seats, rear AC vents, manual window shades for rear passenger and many more features.

Just like the exterior, interior on this E Class looks well maintained and there are no signs of rough usage anywhere on it. This is a 2013 model Mercedes-Benz E250 diesel automatic sedan. The car has done around 68,000 kms and is registered in Uttar Pradesh. The asking price for this well maintained E-Class is Rs 14.95 lakh.

Next car in the video is the Audi A4. This car is in dual tone finish with white body and blacked out roof. The car looks well maintained with no major scratches or dents anywhere. The seller can be heard saying in the video that there are absolutely no scratches or dents on the car. This says a lot about the previous owner of this vehicle.

Audi A4 comes with projector type headlamps, LED DRLs, large front grille, company fitted alloy wheels, LED tail lamps and so on. On the inside, the car gets an all beige interior with wooden panel inserts at places. The car gets leather wrapped seats and steering wheel, company fitted infotainment system, multi-function steering wheel, electrically adjustable seats, automatic climate control, electric sunroof, rear AC vents, manual sun blinds for rear seat passengers, 7D floor mats and so on.

Interior on this Audi A4 look as good as the exterior. Coming to the details, this is a 2012 model Audi A4 luxury diesel sedan with an automatic transmission. The car has done approximately 62,000 kms and is registered in Haryana. Asking price for this well maintained Audi A4 sedan is Rs 7.95 lakh.