Well-kept, used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for sale at mouth watering price tag

Land Cruiser, one of the most popular SUVs in the world is known for its extreme off-roading capabilities. The Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs are known for their bulletproof reliability and extreme capabilities. Well, that is why most influential people around the world prefer using the Land Cruiser SUVs. In India, the Land Cruisers are quite expensive because they are CBUs. However, in the used car market, its price is a little more achievable. Well, here is a very well-maintained Toyota Land Cruiser for sale, which is cheaper than a brand-new Maruti Suzuki Swift.


The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado listed here by Baba Luxury Car is priced at Rs 8.45 lakhs only! This is a Punjab registered SUV that will come with all the required documents and No Objection Certificate. The documents and NOC can be used by the buyer to register the vehicle anywhere else in the country. It should be noted that this Land Cruiser Prado is a 2007 model, which makes it 12 year old vehicle. If anyone from Delhi-NCR plans to buy this vehicle, they won’t be able to drive it around in the city due to the ban on diesel vehicles that are older than 10 years.


From the pictures, the vehicle looks like in great condition. The exterior seems to be free of any dents or scratches. Even the tyres look like in good condition. However, we do suggest buyers to check the vehicle personally before making a decision of buying it. Even the interior of this Land Cruiser Prado are in great shape and part from little worn out surfaces, everything else seems to be in a great condition.

Toyota vehicles are known for their ultra-reliable engines and if kept properly. This Toyota Land Cruiser has done only 57,000 km according to the odometer, which is quite less for a vehicle of this stature. It is not known if the service records of the vehicle are available with the seller.


Engine-wise, it gets the 3.4-litre V6 petrol engine that generates a massive 185 Bhp. The power is distributed to all the wheels through a 5-speed automatic transmission. It gets all the off-road features in place including low ratio transfer case and terrain modes.


This Toyota Land Cruiser SUV can be a great buy if you’re looking to buy a new vehicle in that price range. However, one should always remember that the maintenance cost of such vehicles is not as cheap as the other mass segment vehicles like Swift. One should always get the information on maintenance and other details before investing in such vehicles.