You can now return a used car if you’re not happy…says Truebil

Buying a pre-owned car is fraught with its own set of challenges. From shady paperwork to mechanically unsound vehicles, the pre-owned car market does test the nerves of buyers. While manufacturers now offer multiple point checks and even warranties on pre-owned cars, here’s a new start up that’s aiming to disrupt the used car market in India. Truebil, a new used car buying portal in the country, allows a buyer to return a pre-owned car if she/he is not satisfied with the vehicle purchased through the portal. This is a one of its kind service in the Indian used car market, seeking to disrupt the status quo.

You can now return a used car if you’re not happy…says Truebil

So, how does this work?

The car buyer chooses a used car based on his choice and books it on Truebil. After the purchase formalities are done, the used car portal will allow the buyer to use a car for a week and return it is she/he is not satisfied with the car. The used car portal will buy back the car in case the buyer is dissatisfied. This service comes with a charge of 1,000 rupees. One week of driving about in a used car should give the buyer an idea on whether the car fits her/his tastes and requirements. Of course, this scheme will have its set of caveats, which are likely to include accidental damage, abuse and the likes.

For its part, Truebil claims that every used car it sells through its portal is thoroughly inspected by an automobile engineer on 150 check points, and certified before being put on sale. Also, the portal asserts that accidented vehicles aren’t accepted and that nearly 30 % of vehicles that are offered to it are rejected for non-conformance to its standards. The company also allows sellers to list their cars on its website, and promises that the car listed will be sold within 15 days of listing. So far, Truebil claims to have sold over 500 cars, with over 1,500 cars making it to used car listings section of the portal.

Via HinduBusinessline