Used Porsche Cayenne SUV selling cheaper than Jeep Compass

German car manufacturer – Porsche has been around for decades now and it is considered as one of the best sport car makers in the world. However, one of the most affordable models of Porsche on sale in India – the Cayenne. It used to be the only SUV from the brand until the arrival of the Macan. The Cayenne remains a popular choice in the market and there are a handful of celebrities who own this very same model too. Here is a Cayenne that is for sale in the used car market and the asking price is cheaper than that of a brand-new Jeep Compass.

This Porsche Cayenne is a 2011 model. This is located in Delhi but is registered in Gurgaon, Haryana. The car comes with a long list of features. This vehicle is priced at Rs 21.75 lakhs, which makes it cheaper than the Jeep Compass. The odometer reading shows that the vehicle has completed a total of around 85,000 km on the odometer, which is not much at all. Most diesel cars are built to last lakhs of kilometres and the Porsche Cayenne is no different. It is not known if the vehicle is still with the first owner though. Nonetheless, you can contact the seller directly and get all your questions answered.

This comes powered by a 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 240 Bhp. It gets an automatic transmission. The condition of the car looks quite pristine and there are no dents or scratches on the body. Even the cabin of this Porsche SUV looks like in a great condition and there are no signs of wear and tear. Overall, the vehicle is in great condition but it is not known if the service records are available. This is a 4X4 SUV and the modes can be selected through a lever on the central console.

The car gets a long list of features and including comfort features like sunroof, four-zone climate zone, cruise control, electrically-powered tailgate, electrically adjustable seats and many more such features. It should be noted that this Cayenne is priced much lower than the Jeep Compass but the maintenance can be extremely high. Since this is a used vehicle, a lot of parts might need to be changed, which can cost a lot. Please check the maintenance cost before you make the final decision. To contact the seller directly, please click here.