5 used Royal Enfield Interceptor 650s for sale: Skip the waiting periods!

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is the most powerful bike by the company yet and offers a great bang for your buck. The bike has been gaining immense popularity not only in India but several other international markets as well and has become a hot favourite among modifiers too. Due to its increasing popularity, the demand for the bike is pretty high which has lead to long waiting periods of up to 4 months across the country. But what if you can get you Interceptor 650 almost immediately in almost new condition? Yes, we are talking about barely used examples of the bike that are up for sale by their owners. So if you want to skip the wait periods, here are 5 such almost new Interceptor 650 bikes for you. Some of them are even available for lower prices than the original cost of the bike, which starts at Rs. 2.50 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Silver Spectre

Asking price: Rs. 2.70 lakh

Interceptor 2

Starting off the list is this Silver Spectre shade Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 that is available for sale in Vadodara, Gujrat. The original ex-showroom price of this bike is Rs. 2.50 lakh in Vadodra and its owner is offering it for Rs. 2.70 lakh. The bike has an odometer reading of 450 km and the owner is offering all the accessories shown in the picture with the bike for the asking price. If interested, you can check more about the bike and contact the seller by clicking here

Baker Express

Asking price: Rs. 2.55 lakh

Interceptor 3

This Baker Express paint scheme Interceptor 650 here is available for sale in Silchar, Assam at an asking price of Rs. 2.55 lakh. This is actually slightly lower than the price of a new Baker Express shade Interceptor in Silchar, which is priced at Rs. 2.57 lakh. As you might already know, the pricing of the 650 twins differs only according to their paint scheme as the rest of the bike is all same. Talking about this one here, it has an odometer reading of 710 km is in showroom condition according to the seller. You can know more about this one and contact its seller by clicking here.

Orange Crush

Asking price: Rs. 2.65 lakh

Interceptor 4 (2)

The Orange Crush is among the three basic solid colour paint shades sold by the company and have the least asking price among other non-solid paint options. This one here is being offered for Rs. 2.65 lakh and is available for sale in Delhi. The bike has an odometer reading of 360 km and as with the other bikes here, is an almost new motorcycle. Click here to check out the bike in more detail and contact the seller if interested.

Glitter and Dust

Asking price: Rs. 3.25 lakh


This one is the most expensive among the lot with an asking price of Rs. 3.25 lakh. The bike is finished in the Glitter and Dust finish, which is Royal Enfield’s fancy term for chrome coating. It is available for sale in Dharwad, Karnataka, where it has an ex-showroom price of Rs. 2.70 lakh for this chrome finish option. The bike has an odometer reading of 400 km and seems to be in showroom condition by these images. Click here to know more about this bike and contact its seller.

Orange Crush 2

Asking price: Rs. 2.50 lakh

Interceptor 5

Finishing off the list is another Orange Crush shade example of the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. It is being offered for Rs. 2.50 lakh and is available in Ludhiana Punjab, where the ex-showroom price of the bike is Rs. 2.50 lakh. It is a 2018 model and has an odometer reading of 6,500 km. For its asking price, buyers will get LED headlight, sump guard and engine among other accessories on the bike. You can check more about the bike and its seller by clicking here.