Beautifully restored Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124 for sale and is CHEAPER than a Kwid

Mercedes-Benz W124 was the first-generation that was officially named as the E-Class from the German manufacturer. The W124, which was launched in 1984 is still considered as one of the most beautiful cars by Mercedes-Benz. There are quite a few handfuls of Mercedes-Benz W124s in India and many of them are in a top-notch condition. Well, here is one such W124, which looks immaculate and can turn a lot of heads on the road.

This car is located in Pune, Maharashtra and this is the 1999 model as per the seller. It should be noted that the sedan version of the W124 was discontinued in 1995. It is quite possible that the car was registered in 1999. Since no registration detail is available, we cannot confirm the exact date of registration.

This is a resto-moded W124 that gets an aftermarket bumper, which is AMG inspired. The car also gets some good looking official AMG alloy wheels that uplift the overall look of the sedan. This is the E250d variant, which was the diesel version of the car. It came with a manual transmission.

The pictures show that the car is in brilliant condition and there are no scratches or dents on the body. It likely has a ceramic coating on the body, which ensures a brilliant mirror look. There is also a little amount of chrome on the body that makes it look extremely upmarket. The grille gets a chrome treatment too.

This W124 E250 has completed a total of 83,000 km on the odometer, which may seem like a lot but since it is a diesel engine, it can still go for thousands of kilometres. The condition of the car also looks brilliant but you will need to check with the owner to verify the odometer reading and service history details of the car.

The seller has quoted a price of Rs 4 lakhs, which makes it cheaper than a Renault Kwid. On the inside, the car gets modern features like a touchscreen music player. Also, the car has valid insurance coverage on it. It sure will be an experience to own the but be careful since sourcing the parts may not be so easy. It has been a long time since the car has been discontinued and sourcing the parts to repair it or maintain it can be a big task. For more details and information, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.