User experiences: Fiat Linea Vs Maruti SX4 Vs VW Vento Vs Verna diesels

Volkswagen’s Vento wins hands down when it comes to diesel sedans under Rs 10 lakh. On our Facebook page, we asked our CarToq members for their experience and opinions, and they had several useful things to say. You can see the full discussion here.

The German machine gets 13 votes, pushing Suzuki’s SX4 to second place with 9 votes.  Hyundai’s Verna comes close behind with 8 votes. Bringing up the rear is Fiat’s Linea with 2 votes.

Class, luxury, smooth driving and impeccable German engineering are what Vento fans vouch for.

SX4 and Verna draw almost even, with SX4 having a slight edge on account of Suzuki’s established service network and low maintenance costs.  An SX4 fan admits that Verna may have more power and may pack more fun.

verna sx4 linea vento facebook user reviews

Linea seems to lose out mostly on account of Fiat’s poor service network, cost of maintenance and poor resale value. Those who vouch for Linea, however, point to its good looks, pickup and best-in-class features.

There’s quite a bit of nostalgia for Optra Magnum which is not being produced anymore, while quite a few are excitedly waiting for the Ford Fiesta and the new version of Verna!

Nishant Sharma: volkswagen vento … german cars are the best cars….its very smooth and classic… and its 1.6 engine is far better than 1.8 of other companies

Ankit Jain: German engineered volkswagen vento ..
class .. luxury ..

Supreeth K Samuk: let me go one by one:
linea : poor re-sale value
fiesta/verna : new generation will be soon here…wait till then
sX4 : second best option…..zdi features the best
vento : german engineering….is the best buy in this range but one should wait for at-least 4 months after booking

Anshul Mangla: vento in black would be the most relevant choice as it needs it’s first service after 15000 km not on the first month like maruti do

Manmeet Singh: Best is VW Vento a true luxuries German technology car…best performance n best milage also

Roshith Chandran: The Vento without doubt- Much thought has gone to the rear seat. A very well thought out car with nary a squeak or rattle- the diesels are brilliant – though cars like the Linea handle much better…

saurav on nano from facebookSaurav Bhattcharjee: SX4 diesel should be the best option….verna is good too…. sx4 has d perfect mix of evrything be it space or mileage or power or even the quipment list….and it is a maruti so u cn be assured of the low maintanance cost…..verna also more or less is d same but with much more power n fun

Pushpender Singh: suzuki SX4 diesel is the best option….its the real diesel rocket…..after cruze…

Zaheer Aman: Sx4. . . Value 4r money. . . Nd gd service ntwrk. . . .nd lot of goodies. . . .:-)

Mayank Chauhan: volkswagon long term ownership reports are unknown…there are very few outlets all over india…fiat ASS is very hyundai verna is out n ford fiesta will be out anu time soon….so you have good choice in there.. also, sx4 is decent car but is bit outdated m bit low on power…else..for normal city usage..sx4 is one i’ll vouch for

Vehla Brar: Verna is only best car left , sx4 is not a car which gives u a feel of luxury as verna gives, so verna is the best choice left

Arjit Mahajan: Between these cars verna n vento r good options. I own a 2010 verna new one. But have also driven a vento n it was good

Ashuvinder Singh Lalli: The first version of Verna of really good. I have even beaten Dzire in terms of pickup, and average. The road grip was really excellent than Dezire. The Second version of Verna was poor in terms of looks but engine gave me more than 20 kmpl. The verna even gave me better performance than Accent

Rakesh Varma: Folks – da Hyundai Verna Diesel beats all the existing cars in its segment hands down wid regards to performance! Wid regards to comfort – Linea seems to be decent! Somebody marked the SX4 as a diesel rocket which ain’t true! Da Verna is still da diesel rocket under da existing cars under 10L!

Subir Kumar: LINEA OR VERNA would be a better option…cz both of them have got luks, pick up and amazing performance….(However) Verna loses to LINEA when it comes to luxury!!!

Pranav Gambhir: Yup, I drive a Linea and it has the best features in its class but is sometimes expensive on servicing. But overall the Best according to me !!!

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