User experiences: i20 vs Polo vs Swift diesels

The verdict of CarToq members is clear: they prefer the diesel Swift over Polo and the i20 diesels. Swift diesel won 22 votes, with Polo coming in second with 10 votes and i20 bringing up the rear with 8 votes. You can see the full discussion here

It seems Swift diesel won over its users with its superior engine. “It’s fun to drive,” says one. Polo gets the votes because of its superior interiors – “better quality material” – and the German engineering that comes through. Those who like the i20 like it because…..we’re still waiting to hear the reasons.

Though no other car was part of this comparison, members on their own brought up Fiat Punto, Figo and Skoda Fabia. Punto and Figo got two honourable mentions each, while Fabia got one.

swift owner votes

GERARD GONSALVES: Without a doubt it’s the Swift. Polo is well built car, but slow, only 3 pot engine. The i20 CRDi is a gen older than DDIS and isn’t torquey enough. The DDIS rules

TUSHAR BHATIA: Swift is best. But only engine, not everything in car. Swift lacks in suspension. It has poor seats, very poor lumbar support in seat. And shockers always get leaks very easily. And I think the Skoda Fabia is good overall package or one can also opt for Figo diesel

VINOD CHAWLA: Never driven Polo or Punto but own a Swift. And it rocks my roads. In 2nd gear, it would go like a bullet. And could be easily controlled at the speed of 180 kmph. You won’t feel like braking on the curves. It’s a 10 outta 10 car.

ROSHITH CHANDRAN: I used to own a Swift Diesel. A very fun car – point and shoot- though the ever-present rattle does tend to irritate.

SANTOSH PATIL: Might be German cars are better but we have to drive in India so Swift is the answer:)

JAY TRIVEDI: Obviously Swift!!!VW Polo sucksssssssss

SOURAV SHARMA: Swiftttttt but I think Polo rulesssssss over it now

PRADEEP JADHAV: Well Swift is best but Polo & i20 are 50 – 50

VISHWA MURTHY: Clearly Swift. But the design has become too obvious now even though I own one. The Figo is a welcome change with all the good combinations!!

saurav on nano from facebookSaurav Bhattcharjee: i20 is good bt xpensive,dnt know much about the polo and once again as the perfect mix of evrything can be found in the swift d

Satveer Singh: swift……try it you can chase skoda yeti…..with its nice 1.2 ltr diesel engine.

vw polo votes

ANZAR MEHBOOB: I’ll give vote for POLO. For the great features. Superb handling ,braking, performance and mileage and high quality material used. I just did test drive on i20, Swift, Polo, Punto. But German is the answer. A fun car to drive.

AMAN CONNERY: I think VW is a great choice. I luv Swift but I hate its interior ewwwwww…Poor interior and Maruti never provides you alloys even in a top model.

Siva Pawan Kumar Khandrika: Take a polo. All the cars are equally good performance wise, only difference is the excellent built quality of VW. Polo looks more premium than the others, especially the paint job on Polo is much much better as compared to other premium hatchbacks. If you consider the after sales service, better go for Swift. Only go for I20 if safety is your priority.

Rajiv Ledwani: in Premium section no one beats with POLO with higest Quality and Top notch Performance..!!

i20 owner community votes

OJAS KULKARNI:  Definitely i20. Swift or the whole Maruti Suzuki has borrowed engines from Fiat. So, buy a Punto than Swift.

TONY MATHEW: Diesel i20, the best 1 from the others! But SWIFT remains first coz of old experience heard from others…