Uttar Pradesh cops stop autorickshaw ferrying 27 passengers [Video]

In India, autorickshaws are part of public transport and in most metro cities there are shared auto services which offers last mile connectivity. If you have ever been to a Uttar Pradesh, Delhi or even Tamil Nadu, it is quite common to see these autorickshaws fully packed with passengers in it. Policemen in Uttar Pradesh were left stunned after they stopped an autorickshaw in Fatehpur. A small autorickshaw which has a maximum capacity of 4 people had 27 passengers in it. The video of the autorickshaw and the passengers in it has already gone viral on the internet.

In the video, the cops on duty can be seen stopping the autorickshaw and counting the number of passengers in it. According to various media reports, the cops were checking stopping vehicles that were being driven rashly or over the speed limit on the road. They noticed the autorickshaw as the driver was driving it rashly. The driver did not stop the auto when cops asked him to stop later the autorickshaw and driver were chased down by cops. Once the driver stopped the vehicle, cops saw the number of passengers inside the auto.

In this video, the cops can be seen counting the passengers as they get out of the auto. At total of 27 passengers including both elderly and children got out from the autorickshaw. It is not known why the driver was ferrying so many passengers in it and how did he manage to convince the passengers. After the incident, the cops have seized the autorickshaw.

Uttar Pradesh cops stop autorickshaw ferrying 27 passengers [Video]

It is not uncommon to find share autorickshaws tightly packed with passengers on Indian roads but using an autorickshaw like a mini bus is completely unacceptable. Two adults excluding the driver where sitting with the driver at the front and rest of 25 passengers were at the back. Thankfully cops managed to stop the autorickshaw before any accident happened. overloaded autorickshaw along with rash driving is a sure shot recipe for an accident. As there were passengers sitting at the front of the rickshaw, it was quite clear that, the driver did not have full control on the vehicle. He cannot move his hand around to make turns or necessary adjustments while driving. As the autorickshaw was overloaded, it was quite possible that the vehicle might lose its balance in a corner. There is only one wheel at the front and unlike cars, an autorickshaw can easily topple.

Months ago, another autorickshaw driver from Delhi was in the news after he decided to grow a mini garden on the roof of his autorickshaw. He came up with this idea to actually beat summer. He got famous as people are surprised to see an autorickshaw with a garden on its roof. People even stop him to click pictures and pose with autorickshaw. He thought of this roof top garden idea around two years ago. He has grown 20 varieties which include crops, herbs, shrubs and flowers. He even planted lettuce, tomato, and millets on the roof of his autorickshaw.

Video Via: Hindustan Times

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