Uttar Pradesh men perform stunts with fireworks on moving car: Video goes viral

We have come across several incidents in the past where people have been spotted doing stunts on public roads. We have mentioned it several times that performing such acts on public roads are illegal and is an offence. Recently many people have been doing this just to gain popularity on social media platforms. The social media platforms also land them in trouble after cops and other authorities come across these videos. A video has now come out from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad where men were seen performing stunts on a moving car.

The video has been shared by Sachin Gupta on Twitter. In this video, we see too cars being driven through public road and passengers were leaning out of the window of the car. One of the car seen in the video is a Maruti Alto 800 hatchback and the other car is sedan (probably a Mercedes C-Class W204). One of the person hanging out of the Maruti 800 hatchback was actually holding a phone in his hand and was recording a video of the people in the sedan. They were probably making a video for social media platforms.

The person who was hanging out of th white sedan was holding a firecracker in his hand and sparks from the cracker were all over the place. It should be noted that, this dangerous stunt was being done while the car was in motion. Videos of both the vehicle were recorded by a person who was behind them. They were playing with fireworks and are seen driving the car rashly through busy city roads.

Uttar Pradesh men perform stunts with fireworks on moving car: Video goes viral
Men performing stunts on public road

We can clearly see other road users in this video but they don’t seem to bother at all. The video of this stunt has already gone viral on the internet and close to 9,500 people have already seen this video. There were so many things that could have gone wrong while performing this stunt. They were playing with firecrackers on the road and this could have been a reason for distraction for many on the road. People may have also got scared after seeing a fire and sparks on the road. This along with rash driving was easily a good recipe for accident. Luckily nothing like this happened in this case.

The Tweet mentions that this stunt was being done on a road that passes through the office of Police Commissioner and District Magistrate. The Twitter user is pointing at the fact that such offences are happening under the nose of the authorities and no one is acting to stop it. It is not clear whether police has come across this video and whether they have taken any action against the offenders.

This is not the first time, we have come across an incident like this from Uttar Pradesh. Last month, Uttar Pradesh police had fined a social media influencer who was creating a reel video for his profile by sitting on the bonnet of a moving car. Similarly, a man from UP had also created a video where he was seen riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle without any safety gear while drinking alcohol.