India’s most famous modded Isuzu V-Max fined Rs 48,000!

Modification of vehicles in India has a blanket ban. Last year, Kerala MVD issued fines to numerous modified off-road vehicles that were involved in flood rescue missions. It was opposed by the enthusiasts and owners of the modified vehicles strongly. This year, Kerala MVD has issued a fine of Rs 48,000 to Abin Abraham, who is the owner of India’s most popular Isuzu V-Cross.

The action of MVD comes after someone anonymously sent a tip to the police on the car. A screenshot shows that someone sent a photo of the modified V-Cross to the social media platform of MVD. The department then replied saying that the vehicle is currently not in Kerala and they cannot take any action on the vehicles that are not in the state limit. However, the sender gave out the location of the car and informed MVD that the vehicle is very much in Kerala.

A team from MVD reached the garage location given and slapped a fine of Rs 48,000 on the owner. However, the owner has decided to contest the fine in a court and not pay the fine to cops directly. Challans in India can be contested in courts if you feel that you have been served wrongly.

However, as per the laws, the modified V-Cross is illegal and cannot ply on the public roads. Interestingly, you can modify the vehicles in India but the police can only issue a challan or fine if you use the vehicle on public roads. The team of MVD who issued the fine to the Isuzu V-Cross owner found the car in a garage and not on the roads. However, there is enough evidence on social media platforms showing the modified V-Cross on the roads. This vehicle was even involved in rescue missions in Kerala.

The Isuzu V-Cross fined by the Kerala MVD is one of the most popular modified V-Cross pick-ups in India. It was the first V-Cross to get a 6-inch lift kit and it looks like a mini monster truck. There are numerous modifications on the car including aftermarket bullbar, lightbar and off-road spec tyres. The vehicle is also a centre of attraction on the social media platforms and is immensely popular in the locality.

The exact details of the challan are not known yet. The charges are also not known and have not been revealed by the cops. However, the incident has caused an uproar among the enthusiasts who have called for an end to such fines.

Cops and RTO keep a close eye on social media platforms to find any violations. They also rely on the citizens to report any such violations to them and the fine is sent straight to home. Recently, a motorcycle was seized in Bangalore, Karnataka after the owner uploaded a video of doing 300 km/h on a flyover.