Vazirani Ekonk electric hypercar tested at Natrax test track in Madhya Pradesh [video], hits 309 kmph

Electric vehicles are becoming a lot more popular in India. There are several new electric vehicles in the market. Some of them are from mainstream manufacturers like Tata, Hyundai, MG and there are many new electric two-wheeler manufacturers like Ather, Ola in the market. One such Indian start-up is Vazirani which has been working on an Indian electric hypercar. The car is named Ekonk from Vazirani Automotives and it was unveiled last year. Earlier they had showcased their electric hypercar Shul at the Goodwood Festival back in 2018. Here we have a new video where the founder is seen talking about the cooling system and top-speed of the Vazirani Ekonk.

The video has been uploaded by Vazirani Automotive on their YouTube channel. In this video, Chunky Vazira, Founder of Vazirani Automotive can be seen talking about the car and the technology used in it. The car is still in the development stage and the team is currently doing extensive testing on the car. The Vazirani Ekonk was also taken to the Natrax which is Asia’s longest high-speed test track for high-speed testing.

As we all know, when compared to an internal combustion engine car, electric cars are extremely quick. Vazirani Ekonk is no different. It is powered by two electric motors on the rear axle and it generates 722 Bhp. The car has the lowest drag co-efficient which helps it in performing well on a race track. The car weighs around 738 kilograms which is another advantage that helps in enhancing the overall performance.

By now, you would have guessed that Vazirani Ekonk is a quick car but, how quick? Well, it can do 0-100 kmph is just 2.54 seconds. The founder personally drove the car on the test track and managed to achieve a top-speed of 309 kmph which is great. He adds that with an experienced driver behind the wheel, the car can touch even higher speeds. The design of the car is quite different from the ones that we have seen so far in India. It is a hypercar and the design looks like one as well.

Vazirani Ekonk electric hypercar tested at Natrax test track in Madhya Pradesh , hits 309 kmph

The car is sleek, lightweight and has a powerful motor. Although the car does not have an engine, the car still generates decent amount of heat because of the batteries under the floor. If the heat is not managed properly, it would affect the performance of the car. Normally, in electric cars, manufacturers use liquid-cooled technology to maintain the temperature. Vazirani wanted something different from that as they thought, it was a bit too complex.

What they did instead was actually develop a new system that would maintain the temperature. They call there technology DiCo which is a type of air cooling system which channels the air that flows outside the car to the floor or the battery pack area to reduce the heat. They call the new system much more effective in maintaining the heat generated by the batteries. As there is no plumbing for the liquid cooled system, it has resulted in much more space under the floor. As mentioned above, the car is still a prototype and it will take years before it reaches the production line.