Vegetable shopping on a Rs 75 lakh Honda Goldwing Trike: Only in India

Last year, someone in India imported a brand-new Honda Goldwing Trike, making it one of its kind motorcycle in the country. The bike and its rider was recently spotted doing some quick vegetable and grocery shopping. The trike can be seen parked on a roadside while the owner is doing shopping. Someone made the video, which has now become viral on the Internet.

The video made by a random pedestrian shows the Goldwing Trike parked on the roadside. The person can be seen in a few seconds into the video as he carries packets of vegetables and groceries. He then opens the storage of the Goldwing and keeps his shopping inside. The person riding the bike seems like a relative or domestic help of the owner. Babu John, who is the owner of this bike became viral on the Internet last year after the Goldwing Trike was spotted.

Honda Goldwing Trike is one of its kind motorcycles. It was imported to India last year and soon after customs seized the motorcycle. A duty of Rs 24 lakh was paid to release this motorcycle. The bike costs about Rs 38 lakh to import in India and then an additional duty of Rs 24 lakh was paid to clear the duty.

The owner of the bike – Mr Babu John is an NRI who imported this trike from UAE. He did the import 14 month ago but since the Customs Officials held his bike due to various reasons, he got hold of it only last year. John had to move to the court to get his motorcycle released.

This massive motorcycle comes powered by a 1,832cc, six-cylinder engine. It generates a maximum power of 118 Bhp. Since this motorcycle is so heavy, there is also a reverse gear, which can be engaged to help the rider manoeuvre the bike easily. To feed the engine, there is a fuel tank that holds about 55 litres of fuel making it bigger than many cars.

Vegetable shopping on a Rs 75 lakh Honda Goldwing Trike: Only in India

Such instances where big bike owners go out to do vegetable and grocery shopping may seem like a rare instance in India, it is a very common sight in developed countries. In most developed countries, there are no commuter motorcycles available. So people make do with the mid-capacity and high-capacity motorcycles. However, since the extremely high import taxes ensure that only superrich can be the owner of such high-end motorcycles in India, it amuses people when they see such sights.

Shantonil Nag

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