Vegetable shopping on a Rs 75 lakh Honda Goldwing Trike

India, owing to its population and diversity has people with varied choices in bikes. A few enthusiasts are lucky enough to get their dream bikes even imported.  One such bike is the brand-new Honda Goldwing Trike. It is one of those bikes that you never expect to see on Indian roads, however, this bike was spotted with its rider completing his regular house chores. This viral video shows the Trike to be parked on the roadside with the rider picking up vegetables and fruits.

This video has been recorded and uploaded by a random passerby. The Goldwing Trike is shown parked on the roadside, and for a few seconds, the rider is spotted carrying bags of groceries and vegetables. The rider is then seen opening the storage of the Goldwing and securing his bags in it. The rider seems to be one of the relatives, friends or domestic help. The owner is identified as Babu John and became viral after his Goldwing Trike was spotted and shown on the internet.

The Honda Goldwing Trike is a unique bike. It was seized by the customs, soon after its arrival sometime last year. There was a duty fee of INR 24 Lakhs that was paid up to get the bike released. This amount of INR 24 Lakhs was over and above the cost of importing the bike to India which is an additional INR 38 Lakhs that was paid to purchase the bike and get it to India.

Mr. Babu John was an NRI who imported the bike from UAE. He had to go through a few hurdles before he could get his bike home. He imported the bike about 14 months ago but could only get it released from the Customs Official a year back. He had to take the matter of his motorcycle being held up to court.

Vegetable shopping on a Rs 75 lakh Honda Goldwing Trike

The Honda Goldwing Triker is powered by an 1832 CC, six-cylinder engine. The engine churns a maximum of 118 Bhp. Because of the engine and the massive body and structure, the motorcycle gets a reverse gear. It is a huge blessing for the rider to get this gear as the bike becomes much easier to manoeuvre when that gear is engaged. The fuel tank is a massive 55 litres, making it bigger than most cars in the market.

There is a huge difference in how biking is perceived in the west as compared to India. It may be a rare sight to witness such superbikes, helping the rider in his grocery rounds, but in developed countries, there are no commuter bikes available. Therefore, the market only has mid-capacity and high-capacity motorcycles available for consumption. In India, the barrier of high import taxes makes sure only a select few have access to these rare resources and the local bike manufacturers, create a whole other segment and huge industry thriving to fulfil the needs of the majority of the consumers.