Vegetable shopping on a Rs 75 lakh Honda Goldwing Trike

While some people use high-end bikes to deliver food on Swiggy to get views, there are a few who genuinely use high-end bikes for daily chores. For example, here is an owner of Honda Goldwing who is out buying daily needs. While it can be a common sight in many developed countries, it sure is a rare sight in India.

The video was recorded by someone who was passing by on the road but we are not sure about the exact location. In the video, the Honda Goldwing Trike is parked on the roadside. The owner of the bike spotted inside a shop buying his daily needs while a few people start to admire the imported machine.

The rider comes with a few bags of groceries and vegetables. He opens the storage compartment of the Honda Goldwing Trike and puts the bags in it. The video became viral on the Internet and the owner was identified as Babu John.

Affective cost Rs 62 lakh

While Honda used to offer the standard Goldwing in India, the Trike version was never launched here. According to the reports and information available online, Babu John imported the motorcycle privately but the DRI seized it because of the non-payment of the taxes.

Babu John paid an additional Rs 24 lakh to get the Goldwing Trike from DRI. It is an additional tax that he paid over the Rs 38 lakh that he paid initially to import the bike to India from UAE.

Babu John is an NRI who lives in UAE. He came to India and imported his own bike to the country. However, there were a few hurdles that he faced to get this machine to his home back in India. It took around 14 months to get the trike to India. He even sued the officials for seizing the Goldwing Trike.

Honda Goldwing Trike

While most of us know about the Goldwing, which is a luxurious palace on wheels, the trike version is even more luxurious. It comes powered by a 1,832cc, six-cylinder engine that generates a maximum power of 118 Bhp. It is an inline-six-cylinder engine that sounds sweet. The massive Goldwing Trike weighs almost like a small car and because of that, Honda offers reverse gear too. It can store 55-litres of fuel.

Even though India is the world’s biggest market for motorcycles, such as high-end cruisers, trikes, and sportbikes are still a very rare sight on the roads. Most Indians buy entry-level commuter segment bikes that are much more practical in real-world usage in a country like India. That is the reason such high-end motorcycles or cars attract a lot of attention on public roads.

Owning such motorcycles in India needs deep pockets, especially because of the high import taxes that almost doubles the price of the vehicle. Still, there are many enthusiasts who bring them to India and use these machines on public roads.