Vegetables sold from new Toyota Fortuner is next level crazy

We do get to see bizarre things on the Indian roads every now and then. While it is quite common for people to sell various items including clothes, food and even decorations from their back of their vehicles, this vegetable seller from Maharashtra is using a new-generation Fortuner. The video shows a new-generation Toyota Fortuner being used to sell vegetables.

We are not sure about the exact location of this video. However, it sure is from Maharashtra because of the Marathi language in the video. It shows a man and his son selling various vegetables from the boot of the new-generation Toyota Fortuner. People gather around to buy from the seller too. There is a digital scale that they use in the boot to measure the quantity.

The details of the owner of this vehicle are not available. However, the video says that the vehicle belongs to a doctor and he has given his vehicle to the vegetable seller. It should be noted that vehicles in India are used as makeshift shops on the side of the roads and it is not an uncommon scenario. However, the seller using a Toyota Fortuner, and that too a new generation is an interesting scene.

Vegetables sold from new Toyota Fortuner is next level crazy

Such makeshift sellers do not need any kind of permit to operate and since they are always on the move, they can target a larger customer base too. Someone using a Toyota Fortuner for selling vegetables in India is something that we have seen for the first time.

Does it belong to the vegetable seller?

Vegetables sold from new Toyota Fortuner is next level crazy

While the person who recorded the video keeps on talking to the seller and asks for information, there are not many details shared by the seller. However, it is not unusual for the farmers to own such vehicles. This particular Fortuner belongs to a doctor as per the details shared in the video.

In Maharashtra itself, there are many farmers who have properties worth millions. In fact, a farmer became very popular a few years ago when he bought a Rolls Royce Ghost. While many farmers own high-end SUVs including the Fortuner and the Endeavour in many parts of India.

Farming may not seem like a lucrative business but some farmers do earn a lot. It all depends on the type of farming they do, the size of the cultivation land, and the selection of the crops. With modern technology and apparatuses, the farming output increases and that’s how they can earn more money.

Farmers in the developed countries like the USA own massive size of land and use advanced techniques and machines to grow the output. That is why most farmers from such countries live a comfortable life and own multiple trucks and vehicles. In India though, the majority of the farmers do not earn much and live on a bare minimum. As the generation gets into farming, we do hope that things change in India in the near future too.