Vento sales pick up after deep discounts on its petrol variant

Sales of the Volkswagen Vento have been steadily picking up after Volkswagen started offering attractive offers on the petrol version of the Vento. The Vento sales have picked up a further 9% in September to 3,285 cars, though it still remains in the No.3 position in the mid-size sedan segment behind the Hyundai Verna and the Honda City.

Volkswagen is offering huge discounts on the petrol variant of its cars in a bid to push up sales. Most of the demand for the Vento has been for the diesel car. In order to boost sales of its petrol variant, given that there has been a series of hikes in petrol prices, Volkswagen came out with an attractive finance scheme in June that has since slowly pushed up sales of the petrol variant and overall sales of the Vento as well.

Buyers can get 80% of the petrol Vento’s cost as a loan, at an interest rate of only 6.99% for a 3-year loan, and 8.49% for a 5-year loan. In the market, car finance rates are 12% and above currently, with more rate hikes being announced by banks. Read: VW finance scheme makes petrol variant as economical as diesel!

Vento sales pick up after deep discounts on its petrol variant
Photo: Volkswagen Vento

This loan scheme has worked in the Vento’s favour as sales in July and August went up 16% and 6% respectively. The other reason that sales of the Vento have been picking up is that buyers see it as a worthy alternative to the Verna. The Hyundai Verna, the present leader in the mid-size segment, selling over 4,800 cars in September, has a very long waiting period of up to nine months in some cases for the diesel variant and between 8-10 weeks for the petrol variant.

Buyers who can’t afford to wait that long for a car see value in a Volkswagen Vento. Although it may not offer as long a feature list as the Verna or have an engine that’s as powerful, it is an elegant, spacious and comfortable car that handles well too. The biggest advantage is that the Vento petrol is available off-the-shelf with no waiting period, while the diesel has a lower waiting period of about 6 weeks only. Read: Tired of the huge waiting period for the Hyundai Verna? Here are some alternatives!

This festival season Volkswagen is offering further discounts and also has brought out a limited edition Vento “Breeze”, which offers some additional features. The limited edition offer has been extended to the first half of October as well. Now would be a good time to pick up a Vento if you really like the car. Read: Volkswagen Polo and Vento Breeze variants

This festive discount is likely to shore up some sales numbers for Volkswagen. Share your views.