Verna voted most value-for-money automatic in a close contest

The Hyundai Verna has emerged as the most value-for-money automatic sedan between Rs. 6 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh in a poll among more than 700 members. Given the wide price range, there were 7 automatics in contention apart from Verna: Dzire, Rapid, Fiesta, City, SX4 and Vento.

Honda City automatic came a close second, beaten by the Verna automatic by just 19 votes. Between them, the two cars polled nearly half the votes, making them the two popular choices by a wide margin.


Verna voted most value-for-money automatic in a close contest
Photo: Verna voted most value-for-money automatic sedan in a CarToq poll

The Verna is among the more expensive automatic sedans at Rs. 9.93 lakh ex-showroom Delhi for the petrol variant, and Rs. 11.27 lakh for the diesel variant. In fact, Verna is the only diesel automatic in its category, and that probably swung the votes in favor of Verna compared to the petrol City automatic.

Why the Verna won

So what sets the Verna apart, to be voted the most value-for-money automatic sedan?

Here are three things the Verna has that the other cars can’t match up to:

–          Power: Most powerful petrol and diesel engine in its class. The Verna 1.6 petrol puts out 122 bhp of power, while the diesel puts out 126 bhp of power, giving the Verna an edge over the competition. The nearest rival is the City with 118 bhp.

–          Safety:  The Verna is the only car that offers six airbags and all-round disc brakes in this segment. All of them offer ABS.

–          Gizmos: The Verna comes with a rear-parking camera, parking sensors, power-fold mirrors, leather upholstery, Bluetooth etc. The others offer some of these features, but not all the features, and this gives the Verna an edge.

Verna voted most value-for-money automatic in a close contest

How other cars stack up

The Honda City which came a close second with nearly 23% voting for it is the only car in its category that has a sporty drive, due to the paddle shift system it offers with the automatic.

The Maruti Dzire got 15% of the vote on account of its low entry price of Rs. 6.65 lakh, is good value for money as an automatic, but voters probably prefer the host of features that the Verna offers compared to the basic Dzire VXI automatic, which does not even offer airbags or all-round disc brakes, reverse camera, parking sensors, etc., all features found on the Verna.

The Ford Fiesta, which is the best automatic sedan to drive with a six-speed dual-clutch “Powershift” automatic transmission, was voted fourth by 13% of the community members.

Final call

Although at Rs. 9.93 lakh for the petrol automatic, the Verna is about Rs. 7,000 more expensive than the Fiesta, it is still cheaper than the top-end Honda City automatic (with sunroof) which is priced at Rs. 10.43 lakh. It only has a 4-speed automatic gearbox, while the City has a 5-speed and the Fiesta and Vento have six-speed boxes. Still, none of the other cars match it on features – and this is what makes it a great value for money automatic sedan. And then there is the diesel factor in favor of the Verna. Also read: Automatic sedans you can buy for under Rs. 10 lakh