Watch this Vespa SX150 scooter getting a gold wrap on video

Vespa Gold Wrap

In the past we have featured many cars and motorcycles that have been tastefully modified. Installing aftermarket alloys, wide body kits, wrap job are some of the common modification that we have seen in the vehicles. It is very rare that we see a modified scooter on our roads. Here we have a video that shows a regular Piaggio Vespa SXL 150 scooter getting a wrap job. This Vespa scooter in the video is getting a gold wrap that makes it look more premium and gives it a unique identity.

The video has been uploaded by Parikshit Hans [CarzSpa Pune] on their youtube channel. The video does not simply show the final product with all the wrap job done. It shows the whole process from the time the scooter had entered the shop. The stock colour of the Vespa is a shade of red. The video mentions that this is one of the most complicated scooters for the wrap job because of its design and other factors. The video shows the whole process and it all starts with washing and cleaning the scooter properly.

This is done in order to remove all the dust particles sticking to the body. Cleaning the scooter will help the wrap stick properly on the panels. If dust or any other particles is trapped in between the final product will not be getting the desired finish. As mentioned above the Vespa is one of the complicated scooters in the market to get a wrap job done. Vespa has a curvy design and that restricts the customiser from using a single piece of gold wrap all over the scooter.

Watch this Vespa SX150 scooter getting a gold wrap on video

The customiser used single pieces of flat surfaces and where there was curves they used another piece. All the panels at the front were removed and then the gold wrap was done. Finally after the scooter was wrapped, a coat of ceramic wax was also applied on the scooter to give it that shine and bling effect. The work done on the scooter looks very neat and as they had removed all the panel before putting the wrap, it had helped them tuck in the wrap properly in the corners. The Vespa SXL 150 is already a premium scooter and ow with this gold chrome wrap job done it looks even more premium than before. It’s rare to see gold wrap scooters on Indian roads although gold wrapped cars are quite common.