Veteran Bollywood actor Dharmendra posts video of his first car – a Fiat 1100 that’s now 63 years-old

Veteran actor Dharmendra recenty celebrated his 87th birthday yesterday. The actor has acted in several movies and is known for the roles he played in them. He has been in the film industry for a very long time and along with acting, he has produced some movies too. Like most of the Bollywood celebrities, Dharmendra also has many luxury vehicles in his garage but, there has always been one car that has remained close to his heart. It is a Fiat 1100 which is the first car that the actor bought. The actor has shared a video on social media where he is seen with his beloved car which is kept in pristine condition.


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The video has been shared by the actor on his Instagram profile. The Fiat 1100 seen here in the video is actually a 63 year old car. The actor had bought this car back in 1960. In the short video, the veteran actor can be heard saying, “Hi friends, my first car. I bought it for ₹ 18,000 only. In those days, ₹ 18,000 was a great thing. I have kept it nicely. Looks good? Pray for it, it should always be with me.” As said in the video, the actor had bought the car for Rs 18,000 and he did not sell the car since then. The reason why he did not sell the car was because he was afraid that someday he might lose his job and then he can use the same car as a taxi.

Veteran Bollywood actor Dharmendra posts video of his first car – a Fiat 1100 that’s now 63 years-old

Fiat 1100 was one of the first car to be launched in Indian market. Unlike today, Fiat was a popular car manufacturer in India. Fiat cars were among the rich and privileged people at that time. It was even considered as a status symbol. The Fiat 1100 today is considered a vintage car and there are many people who like to collect vintage cars in their garage. We have seen several well-maintained examples of vintage cars and Dharmendra’s Fiat is also one of them. Fiat 1100 was popular among buyers for its unique design. Dharmendra’s car is finished in Olive Green shade with broze or copper coloured accents at different places.

Veteran Bollywood actor Dharmendra posts video of his first car – a Fiat 1100 that’s now 63 years-old

As this is a car that is close to actors heart, he has restored the exterior completely and the interior might have also been redone to keep it fresh. The Fiat 1100 car came with  1,089 cc, four-cylinder petrol engine that generates 36 bhp. The car was mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox. The engine powers the rear wheel. This car can still be found on road in many parts of the country, especially in Mumbai where it was used as a taxi. As we mentioned above, Dharmendra has a good collection of cars in his garage. He has cars like Mercedes-Benz SL500, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Land Rover Range Rover SUV as so on. Other members of the family have been spotted in cars like Mercedes-Benz S-Class S550, Porsche 911, Porsche Cayenne, Pajero SFX, BMW X6, Audi Q5 and BMW X5 luxury SUV. Dharmendra’s wife uses cars like a Hyundai Santa Fe, Audi Q5 and a Mercedes-Benz ML-Class.