[VIDEO] 2015 Ford Endeavour SUV Teaser Released

Next year, Ford will launch the 2015 Everest/Endeavour SUV in multiple emerging markets across the ASEAN region. The development of the 2015 Endeavour is in its final stages at the American automaker’s Australian research facilities. The luxury SUV will be launched in India by the end of next year, as the current Endeavour’s successor. Competition for the 2015 Endeavour will come from 7 seat luxury SUVs such as the Toyota Fortuner and the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Ford Australia has released a teaser video highlighting the design and a few development objectives of the 2015 Endeavour, which is also known as the Everest in certain markets of the world.

In terms of design, the production version of the 2015 Endeavour will be very similar to the Everest concept, and this is evident from the Chinese patent images of the SUV. The 2015 Endeavour carries the Ford Edge design philosophy forward, replete with the hexagonal front grille that has now come to be a standard feature on all Ford cars. The 2015 Endeavour features a much more sculpted design when compared with the outgoing model and this gives the new SUV a much more upmarket look considering the fact that the competition now offers a range of alluringly designed SUV models.

The 2015 Endeavour SUV is based on the Ford Everest ladder frame pick up truck, which means that the SUV will also use a ladder frame chassis to give it a tough demeanor off the road. On the road though, the 2015 Endeavour is expected to offer much better ride quality than the stiffly sprung and bouncy outgoing model as the rear suspension set up of the new SUV will adopt an independent layout, much at odds with the leaf spring layout on the outgoing model. Another new feature on the SUV is a Terrain Response four wheel drive system, the likes of which is seen on Land Rover and Range Rover SUVs.

While a petrol engined variant of the 2015 Endeavour will be offered in international markets, the Indian market will make do with 2.2 liter and 3 liter turbo diesel engines. 6 speed manual and automatic gearbox options will handle torque transfer duties on both engines while the 2015 Endeavour will also get the terrain sensing four wheel drive system on its top-end models, as is the case with the outgoing model. The 2015 Endeavour’s interiors will also be heavily revised, with a focus on better interior quality and a wider set of features. The SUV will be assembled in India through the completely knocked down (CKD) kit route, at Ford India’s Chennai factory.