[Video] 3 ways to lift a heavy fallen motorcycle, CORRECTLY

If you’ve ever ridden a bike for a few thousand kilometers, chances are that you have fallen off at least once. Now falling off a bike is one thing, getting it back on two wheels is another, especially if the bike is heavy. Lifting a heavy,  bike off the ground is all about technique. There’s a video that shows three innovative ways to pick up a fallen bike, without injuring yourself, even if it weighs 300 kilograms. Pay attention.

As the video indicates, brute strength isn’t involved here but rather technique, and clever use of the body to leverage the lift. The guy in the video lifts the bike by pushing rather than actual heavy lifting. Having a straight back is very important as it is easy to stress your back while lifting a heavy bike. Many have even suffered slipped discs while lifting up a fallen motorcycle.

If you are in the market for a touring motorcycle like say a Royal Enfield Bullet or a Himalayan or even the much bigger Triumph Tiger 800, do also remember that strong panniers and crash guards matter a great deal when the bike falls. For one, they’ll let the fallen bike rest at a much easier angle, allowing you to pick it back up with lesser effort. Two, you also get to save your feet from injuries while falling. So, investing in high-quality equipment that can actually weather the fall is very important.

Also, nothing is a substitute for high-quality riding gear. When on the road, on any bike for that matter, wearing a good quality (Read ISI approved) crash helmet is bare minimum. Gloves, riding jacket, ankle guards and riding boots are all equipment that will protect you when you fall. So, do not skimp on protective gear. And this applies to the pillion rider as well.