[Video] 5 accidents due to carelessness: An analysis of what happened

Well, it’s pretty well-known that Indian roads aren’t devoid of risks. While road accidents are something that is common almost across the globe, Indian roads are a tad riskier than those in many countries. A large part of this can be attributed to poor planning and engineering. However, a significant part of it is still due to the sheer carelessness of the road users, at times a lot of it! Here, in this post, we have a look at 5 accidents due to carelessness of at least one of the two parties involved –

Ford Figo loses control, topples

Here is a Ford Figo that goes out of control in a corner, hits a wall, and topples. Luckily, all the three occupants escaped unhurt but the car is a mess. So, whose fault was it? Of course, it’s the driver of the Figo that takes all the blame. A major reason for this crash is the high speed. The Figo was going too fast for its own good. While negotiating the corner, there was an oncoming Tata Nano and the driver of the Figo simply failed to take the corner safely. Thanks to the high speed, he lost control and hit a wall, which makes his car topple before coming to a halt. We are happy that no one got seriously hurt in this one.

Overtaking gone wrong, seriously wrong!

Here is a street of Kerala, which is moderately populated by four-wheelers and two-wheelers on what looks like a sunny afternoon. However, a silver Maruti A-star, seemingly in quite a hurry, decided to break all that calmness. The A-star driver decided to pull off a high-speed overtaking maneuver to get ahead of a bus. However, he simply forgot factoring in the oncoming traffic. End result? His ‘stunt’ goes all wrong as the car first hits a motorcyclist and then topples over due to the intensity of the impact. Ouch! That must have hurt!

Look Before You Go

Both the cars involved in this incident are at fault. Firstly, the Bolero was being driven at a pretty high speed. Secondly, the Swift guy seemed in a hurry to get on the road. All of this resulted in a hairy moment for the drivers of both the cars. Luckily, no one was injured as the Bolero could stop before crashing into the oncoming truck. Phew!

Errrr… but why?

This is simply ridiculous. Seen in this video is a Maruti 800 that is being driven at a very normal speed, in a very normal manner on a very normal road in Kerala. All looks calm and fine until the 800’s driver all of a sudden decides to turn right and runs over a man walking on the pavement. The impact is so strong that the pedestrian is flung into the air. Also, we just can’t figure out the reason for that sudden right turn by the 800. Scary!


This is just too sad! Seen in this video is what looks like a small bus-stop in a quaint town of Kerala. All looks fine, until an unsuspecting woman, who is walking across the street, is run over by a KSRTC bus! Yes, as you can see, the poor lady is killed for simply no fault of hers. The culprit here is the driver of the KSRTC bus, who is seen driving a bit too fast for the kind of surroundings he is in. Often, bus drivers have been seen driving rashly, without a care in the world. Here is yet another example of it. However, a poor lady loses her life for no fault of hers. This is just so sad.