[Video] Bus with brake failure runs over three motorcycle riders

In a horrific incident that unfolded on the Singhnagar-Budameru Bridge at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, an APSRTC bus mowed down more than three motorcycle riders, after alleged brake failure. The accident happened at 6 AM yesterday, and has left at least 3 pillion riders dead. Many more are said to be in hospital, in a critical condition. The entire accident was caught on CCTV.

The bus finally came to a halt after hitting a tipper, but not before running over many two wheeler riders and hitting other vehicles in its path. The bus driver has been arrested, and police officials are investigating. Angry kin of the deceased set the bus afire. APSRTC officials are refusing to accept the brake failure theory even as Vijayawada deputy police commissioner Kanthi Rana Tata said that ‘brakes appeared to have failed‘.

Here’s what RTC Governorpet depot manager Rajesh Kumar had to say about the accident,

Each bus is equipped with two sets of brakes, the service break and the hand brake. The driver is saying that both brakes have failed which is very rare. The vehicle is currently with the police and will be taken to the RTA before it comes to us. We will know exactly what happened once we examine the bus. 

Brake failure is not uncommon on heavy vehicles, and there have been numerous such incidents in the past. There’s little that one can do when faced with an out-of-control heavy vehicle. The best approach in such situations is to get out of the path of the vehicle. If you’re in a vehicle whose brakes have failed, switch off the engine while keeping the vehicle in gear. This will result in the vehicle skidding to a halt. Transmission damage may occur during such a move but that’s nothing compared to the lives that can be saved.