[Video] Chandigarh cop riding without helmet and talking on the mobile SLAPS man

The police force is India is often caught doing illegal things on the road. In a recent incident, a cop from Chandigarh was filmed talking on mobile phone while riding his motorcycle. The cop then slapped the local man who caught the incident on phone. Here’s what happened.

What exactly happened?

A local was filming the head constable Surinder Singh when he was on a motorcycle and was talking on the phone. The cop was not even wearing his helmet properly and the strap was open.

The local was riding on a scooter and captured the cop clearly talking on the phone. When the local guy reached closer to the police officer, he turned around to look what happened. The local then summoned the head constable asking him why is he doing such thing when it is illegal and the general public is not allowed to do so.

The police officer then stops his motorcycle and asks him what is he doing. The local guy keeps on recording the whole incident. While talking, the cop slaps the local guy and then say foul words too. The local guy speeds away after seeing that the cop is not friendly at all. The incident happened in Sector 36/37 during broad daylight in Chandigarh. Incidentally, Chandigarh city is known for its strict traffic rules enforcement on its citizens.

The victim then posted the video online and it has become viral since then with a lot of people sharing the same.

Chandigarh SSP Traffic, Shashank Anand has informed that the head constable has been suspended for assaulting the citizen and violating traffic norms. The head constable has been issued a challan for not wearing the helmet properly and speaking on the phone while riding too.

The driving license of the cop has been suspended for three months. It has been seized and will be sent to transport and the licensing authority for the period of suspension.

Shantonil Nag

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