[Video] Cigarette-smoker vs Petrol pump attendant: Who wins?

Fuel bunks are the extremely dangerous place because of the amount of flammable fuel stored at those place. Naked flames near the fuel pumps can cause severe fire accidents. In the past, even mobile radiation has caused fuel to catch fire at the petrol pumps. Here is an example of an extreme step taken by a fuel attendant to stop a smoker from smoking in the bunk.

What exactly happened?

[Video] Cigarette-smoker vs Petrol pump attendant: Who wins?

In a video posted by Live Leak shows a man entering a fuel station in a car while smoking cigarette. The guy casually gets off the vehicle while smoking and starts to fill his vehicle with fuel. On sensing a catastrophe, the fuel attendant rushes to the spot and does something extreme.

The fuel attendant, who is not in the frame initially is arguing with the guy with a smoking cigarette in hand. After a brief argument, the guy does not seem to budge in and keeps on smoking. The fuel attendant then rushes to the side and grabs a fire extinguisher. He opens up the fire extinguisher all over the guy who was smoking the cigarette. The foam from the extinguisher can be seen all over his vehicle and the cigarette sure gave in to the anti-fire foam.

The guy did learn about not adhering to the rules at a fuel bunk. The rules are placed for a reason and most of the time they are to protect the lives of people. The incident has taken place in Bulgaria but doing the same is as dangerous in any corner of this planet.

Petrol pump rules

Petrol is a volatile liquid and it forms vapours in regular temperature. The mixture of petrol and air can be extremely dangerous as it can instantly catch fire. There are a few steps that should be kept in mind while filling fuel from the pump.

  • Smoking in fuel bunks can be extremely dangerous because the ash from the cigarettes can still contain hot or burning particles that can cause a fire.
  • Always switch off the engine while refuelling. The petrol can come in contact with hot surface of the vehicle and can catch fire
  • Do not use mobile phones while filling fuel. The strong radiation from mobile phones can cause the fuel particles to heat up and catch fire.
  • Always get down from a two-wheeler and put it on the stand while filling fuel. You can disbalance yourself and spill the fuel.