[Video] Cricketer Ambati Rayudu in a Land Rover gets into a road rage fight with a senior citizen

Indian cricketer Ambati Rayudu is currently out-of-action. The cricketer who last played for India against Zimbabwe in 2016 indulged in a road rage incident. The incident happened in Hyderabad and had been caught in a video.

What exactly happened?

The right-hand middle-order batsman got into a serious altercation with a senior citizen in Hyderabad. Ambati Rayudu was driving an old Land Rover Freelander 2 with a friend at the moment incident happened.

Reportedly, the senior citizen showed his concern because of the rash driving by the cricketer. The result was not very pretty. The cricketer got down of the vehicle and got involved in a heated argument. A few blows were exchanged during the incident too. During the scuffle, the senior citizen is also seen abusing Rayudu in very foul language (Telugu).

Ambati, who was charging in on the senior citizen calmed down only after the bystanders, and his friend intervened and protested. The cricketer stays in Mumbai but has not been in the news because of a long break from the cricket.

After the episode, Ambati tried to leave from the spot but was then stopped by the onlookers. No further information about the incident is available as of now. Ambati Rayudu also plays in various domestic cricket tournaments including the IPL. He plays for the Mumbai team.

Road rage in India

Data provided by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways furnishes that the road rage incidents have climbed up in India. Few states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka have reported a steep rise in such incidents and also have the highest number of such reported incidents.

There were about 409,899 cases of road rage registered in India in 2015. The Maharashtra state alone accounted for 31,161 such cases where the driver caused injury or destroyed property due to road rage.

Road rage should be avoided in any given situation as it can worsen the situation. Always stay calm on the road and do not entertain any respond to rude gestures made by someone else on the road. If needed, park the vehicle at a safe place, lock the doors and call the cops.

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