[Video] Driverless car prank in India in a Toyota Etios; Watch people’s EPIC reactions!

Driverless car pranks aren’t uncommon internationally, but in India? Well, it just happened in Delhi, where an enterprising duo shocked onlookers with the driverless car prank in a Toyota Etios sedan. And yes, everything was caught on video. Here, watch it for yourself.

In this prank, the driver of the car uses a seat cover costume to disguise himself while seated on the driver’s seat. He can’t steer though, which means that this prank is more or less a short-lived one that can just fool people for a few seconds or minutes as best. The car can only go forward or backward based on the driver’s accelerator inputs, and the gear it is in.

Here’s another video that shows you exactly how the driverless prank works,

Such driverless cars aren’t too way out in the future though. The technology is there right now even in India, but government regulations and traffic conditions are stopping car makers from taking the self driving route. For example, the BMW 7-Series can park itself, and so can even the relatively affordable Skoda Octavia. So, it’s only a matter of time before mundane functions such as parking become automated.

A fully autonomous car is quite a while away, at least in the Indian context. The Indian union transport minister, Nitin Gadkari, says that he won’t allow self-driving/driverless cars because they’ll create mass unemployment. Even a technocrat like Google’s Sundar Pichai opines that self-driving cars are simply not meant for Indian roads.

All hope’s not lost though. There are a bunch of tech companies right here in India working hard to build self driving cars that can actually work in Indian conditions. Tata Technologies is running a project that seeks to make self-driving technology viable for Indian roads while there are also a couple of start-ups working in this space.