[Video] Driverless Eicher truck goes CRAZY in India; This is why it all happened!

Yesterday, a video surfaced on Social Media networks, showing an Eicher truck driving backwards, in circles. And there was no driver to be found behind the steering wheel, making this truck look all the more crazy. We’ve just found out how, and why all this happened. But before that, watch this video.

As you can see in the video, a driver-less Eicher truck is going round and round, totally out of control. There are people gathered at a distance, to watch this incident play out, and there’s even traffic that has come to a standstill. This incident happened on Tuesday morning, right in the middle of the Dindigul-Madurai major highway, near a village called Vellodu.

Karthick – 35 – was the driver of this truck, and at the time of the incident was said to be heavily drunk. He first lost control of the truck, and hit the center median. The steering is said to have collapsed/broken on impact. When the driver tried to reverse the truck from the center median, the locked steering caused it to revolve.

In panic, the driver jumped off the truck. The rest is played out in the video, which also shows other truck drivers trying to stop the truck by throwing a boulder under its wheel, but to no avail. Finally the truck goes into a roadside ditch and loses traction, which is when another truck driver cuts ignition and kills the engine.

The reverse gear is essentially the first gear in the opposite direction. It has immense torque, and that explains why the truck was effortlessly crossing the median even at idle rpms. Meanwhile, cops attached to the Ambathurai police station have taken the drunk truck driver into custody, and have booked him under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, and the Motor Vehicle Act. The cops were said to be waiting for the driver to get sober before beginning an inquiry into this incident.