How to stop a car in 8 seconds if brakes fail: Explained on video

Brake failure is probably the worst nightmare when you are driving a car. It is extremely bad and it becomes even worse if you realise it when you are driving at good speeds. Brake failure can lead to accidents which would result in injuries both minor and major to the occupants. Apart from the occupants, the car also gets damaged in such scenarios. Therefore, taking care of the brakes in any vehicles is extremely important. Most of us would panic in such situation as we don’t know what exactly we should do in such situations. Here we have a video that explains how to bring your car to a stop in case the brakes fail.

The video has been uploaded by Knowledge Kingdom on their YouTube channel. Even when you take good care of the brakes in your vehicle, there are times this could stop working. The brake wires could snap or the master cylinder unable to build pressure due to a leak are some of the reasons why the brakes could stop working. The video talks on how to bring your car to a complete stop with least amount of damage and inconvenience. The video demonstrates how you can stop a manual transmission car.

First thing you not do when you realise that you’ve lost your brakes is to panic. You should try to remain calm and remove your foot from the accelerator pedal. Once you remove your foot from the accelerator, slowly pull the handbrake halfway up. Do not pull the handbrake completely as there are chances that the car might lose control. If you are driving at high speeds, pulling handbrakes completely would lock the rear wheels and the driver would lose control.

How to stop a car in 8 seconds if brakes fail: Explained on video

Once the handbrakes have been pulled halfway up, start shifting the gears down. Do not skip any gears and only downshift gears gradually. By downshifting gears, the car would start slowing down due to engine braking. By doing this, the car speed would come down and you can finally bring the car to a complete stop by pulling the handbrake completely.

This method is very effective and statistics prove that if a car is being driven at 60 kmph speed, a driver can bring it to a halt in just 6 seconds. The time needed to stop the car would increase or decrease depending on the speed at which it is being driven. This method might be slightly ineffective when you are driving on a busy road. In such situations, there might not be enough space to stop the car before it hits to the car in front of it. In such situations, the driver should manoeuvre the car away from  other vehicles and drive it to the shoulder of the road. The driver can also rub the car against the bushes or side rails on the road to bring the car to a stop. This should be the last resort. One should try to stop the car using the first method initially. Car is afterall a machine and things can go wrong with a car even when you are taking good care of it. We hope no one comes across such an issue in their car while they driving.