[Video] Fingerprint-enabled motorcycle starter is supercool!

Fingerprint-enabled security technology has taken over all modern day smartphones. However, the common technology is not so common in the automotive world. However, the futuristic technology has been seen in quite a few movies in the vehicles like the Mission Impossible 5.

For motorcycles, a company called Nevon Projects developed a new technology that uses a similar feature in the real world. The new feature is for motorcycles and getting it installed will not be required. Users will not be required to use a key after this feature. The keyless feature requires a fingerprint scan. It is a safety device that also features an anti-theft system and anti-towing notification. It will notify the user as soon as something wrong happens the users.

The device has not been launched yet. It is available on pre-order though. The official website shows that the unit costs Rs. 2,999, which is very affordable for such a feature. Users will need to take off gloves before using the feature. Also, if the fingers are wet, the users will need to dry them before the using the sensor. Also, the handlebar has to be locked manually as it cannot be locked through the sensor.

The whole system gets an ignition system that is connected to the chipset that switches on the ignition with the finger sensor. It draws power from the motorcycle battery itself. We do not know what will happen if the bike battery drains out completely or whether it will continue to work without any problem.

It is a futuristic device that will take a long time to be on the production motorcycles if it becomes a reality at all. Currently, it can be fixed to any modern day motorcycle with some modifications. Due to the electric modifications, the warranty of the motorcycle can be voided too.