Video: High-end Hyundai Creta stolen by HIGH-TECH car thieves in minutes!

Modern day vehicles have become a mass of electronics. The new age safety and security that come with the new vehicles is matchless, but they do have a downside too. Tech-savvy thieves who know their way around such security systems can quickly drive away with your car. Here is such one example.

Unlocking modern vehicles

Almost all the cars selling the market today come with immobilisers and other security measures that make sure that stealing the car is not easy. Seen in the video here is a group of thieves who gain access to a Hyundai Creta without even scratching the vehicle. See the video below.

The thief seen in the video has used very sophisticated means to enter the Creta. At the starting, you can see the thief taking a picture of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle. Moments later, the guy is joined by another Creta and minutes later, the thief gains access to the car and drives away in it.

But what happened there?

Video: High-end Hyundai Creta stolen by HIGH-TECH car thieves in minutes!

Seen above: Device to reprogram key available on the Internet

Modern day vehicles with keyless fob are very prone to such thefts. To make a duplicate key for such modern vehicles, the original key is not required. All you need is the VIN and a security PIN that can be obtained from the dealership after proving that you own the vehicle.

Keymakers use the information to produce a duplicate key fob that will work just fine with the car. Seen here is a similar situation where the thief has taken a picture of the VIN. It can be assumed that the thief has a connection with the dealership or works at the dealership from where he obtained the PIN for the particular vehicle.

The duplicate key then has been reprogrammed using software and hardware that are very easy to acquire online. The whole process does not take more than 15 minutes, and it also does not trigger the security system of the vehicle as it thinks that the original key is opening the car.

There have been many incidents of cars with immobilisers being driven away successfully by thieves. The immobiliser in a vehicle is a security device that authenticates the start of the vehicle by matching the unique code with the key of the car. If the code of the key does not match with the immobiliser’s code, the car does not start.

Modern-day thieves use devices to reprogram a new key for the vehicle so that it matches the immobiliser code and the vehicle does not get to know the difference.

Modern day cars easier to steal?

Video: High-end Hyundai Creta stolen by HIGH-TECH car thieves in minutes!

The good old vehicles did not get any such contraceptives against thieves. A simple remote control lock, steering lock and gear lock kept away the thieves for good. There have been incidents where fully-automated cars have been hacked through mobile phones and laptops. Such steps towards modernity create loopholes that are later exploited by the thieves.

Even though manufacturers are working towards making cars better equipped against modern day tech-savvy crooks, it will take some time before fool-proof systems can be made. It is always better to use the second line of defence like GPS monitoring system in the vehicle to know its location.