[Video] Indian kid driving a truck on the highway shows how lightly we take safety

A while ago, we had the elder kid of notorious Mohammed Nisham driving a Ferrari in India, but that was in a gated apartment complex. Now though, a truck driver, in what looks like Punjab, has taken things to an all-new level. A Sardar kid has been caught driving a full-sized truck on an Indian highway, and there’s a video to show for. The adult driver of the truck even lets the kid-driver overtake other trucks. Here, watch it for yourself.

At the beginning of the video, the Sardar kid-driver is sharing the driver’s seat with the adult driver, and handling the steering of the truck. In a while though, the adult driver moves to the other side of the truck and the kid-driver is completely on his own. The kid-driver is seen driving the truck for at least a few kilometers before the video ends abruptly.

It’s a stupid thing to do.

The ability to drive alone is not enough for someone to begin driving. A minimum level of mental maturity and judgment – which is said to develop over age – is necessary for a person to begin driving on public roads. This is also the reason why transport authorities around the world prescribe a minimum age for getting a driving license.

In the USA, this age is 16, and in India, it is 18. This kid in the video though, seems to be barely nudging 8 years of age. By letting the kid drive the truck, the adult driver has not just put his and the kids’ lives in danger but also the lives of fellow road users.

A truck is a heavy vehicle that can easily cause massive damage to life and property when it goes out of control. Idiots such as this truck driver should be permanently banned from driving in India. It’s now up to the authorities to trace out the driver and punish him suitably.

Jayprashanth Mohanram

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