[Video] Insane car-bike crash in Kerala highlights the dangers of overspeeding

Overspeeding (called speeding in other parts of the world) is something that contributes to a lot of accidents on India roads. Here’s one from Kerala, which highlights the dangers of going too fast. The video seems straight out of Final Destination. Watch it.

The CCTV footage from a tyre store in Pulliman Junction Karunagappally, Kerala, shows a white hatchback crashing head-on into a yellow commuter motorcycle, throwing both the rider and pillion of the motorcycle. The car also flips, and finally comes to rest against a parked autorickshaw. The two wheeler riders are said to be alive, though badly injured.

As the video shows, the car was traveling much faster than other traffic. It first moves to the opposite (wrong) lane of the undivided stretch of road, and then tries to swerve back to its lane at high speed. An autorickshaw, and 2 two wheelers that coming from the opposite direction are directly in the path of the speeding car, which crashes into one of the two wheelers.

Kerala’s roads are now smoother and wider than before. However, the number of accidents being reported from that state have gone up. People familiar with the Kerala’s roads say that the widened, undivided roads have made people drive/ride faster than before, and this is said to be a big cause for accidents.  It’s important to maintain a sane speed, especially on undivided roads.

Perils of overspeeding!

The driver of a speeding vehicle has little or no time to react to surprises on Indian roads. If there’s no time to safely bring a vehicle to rest, it generally results in the vehicle going of control. This is why it’s important to shed speed and stick to the speed limit. Having more time in hand, allows the driver to brake in time, and even skilfully maneuver the vehicle to avoid obstacles altogether.