[Video] KTM RC390 rider in a huge crash shows why riding gear is so CRITICAL

Riding gear saves lives, and here’s a high-speed KTM RC390 crash that show exactly how. A KTM RC390 rider was doing good speeds on the Bulandshahr highway in Uttar Pradesh when he crashed into a commuter motorcycle. What saved him from serious injuries? Riding gear. Here, watch it for yourself.

As the video indicates, the KTM RC390 rider fails to slow down for an intersection, even as another rider – helmetless – has turned his indicator on, and is swerving into the fast lane to take a U-turn. Evidently, the rider of the commuter bike hasn’t checked his bike’s mirrors for approaching traffic before deciding to take the U-Turn. The end result in not pretty, what with the KTM RC390 rider colliding into the commuter bike, and both bikers losing balance and hitting the road hard. The impact of the crash sends the KTM RC390 skidding away leaving the rider behind.

The RC390 rider – wearing a helmet, gloves and riding jacket, manages to walk away from the crash with little injury. The fate of the commuter bike rider is unknown for now. He makes another critical mistake though, by running ahead to retrieve his motorcycle. This is extremely dangerous as oncoming traffic can cause another accident. It’s always best to get off the road as soon as possible. Luckily for the KTM RC390 rider, traffic has already halted as people scramble to rescue the commuter bike riders. Another passerby helps the RC390 rider pick his bike up and get off the road.

Importance of safety gear!

Indian roads are filled with idiots who ride/drive with little or no care to fellow road users or road rules. The only things that a biker has with her/him is common sense and riding gear. Both are critical. In case of an accident, riding gear cushions the impact to the best possible extent, and can often be the different between life and death.

Motorcycle experts advice ATGATT, which stands for All-the-gear-all-the-time. In other words, this means, a full-face helmet, riding gloves, a riding jacket, riding pants, boots and knee guards. At a bare minimum, a full face helmet, gloves, riding jacket and knee guards are highly advisable for all motorcyclists. Oh, and common sense isn’t optional.