[Video] Mahindra Scorpio SUV Facelift – Have you watched the TVC yet?

[Video] Mahindra Scorpio SUV Facelift – Have you watched the TVC yet?

Mahindra & Mahindra has just launched the facelifted Scorpio SUV in India. The SUV comes with a host of upgrades and refreshed looks. Mahindra has added crucial features to certain variants of the Scorpio Facelift, making the SUV more appealing than ever before.  The Indian automaker has also released a TVC showing the Scorpio in action.

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The Scorpio Facelift will be sold with two four cylinder, turbo diesel engine options – the 2.5 liter M2DiCR motor that outputs 75 Bhp and 200 Nm (torque down by 20 Nm when compared to the older Scorpio EX’s 2.5 liter M2DiCR engine) and the 2.2 liter mHawk motor that outputs 120 Bhp-280 Nm  (torque down by 10 Nm). The 2.5 liter M2DiCR engine retains the 5 speed manual transmission from the pre-facelift Scorpio EX while the mHawk engined variants get a brand new 5 speed manual gearbox that can now handle a higher torque of up to 320 Nm. A remap/tuning box for the Scorpio Facelift is now a reality, much at odds with the previous gearbox, whose torque handling limit was rated at 290 Nm.

High Quality Image Gallery of the Mahindra Scorpio SUV Facelift

A ladder frame chassis sees hydroforming while the rear axle adopts a banjo design. Mahindra has also increased the track width of the SUV, apart from revising the suspension of the SUV for better ride and handling. The Mahindra Scorpio Facelift is likely to have a production run of a little over 2 years, before the all-new model of the SUV comes in and takes over, sometime in 2017. Mahindra has put over 4.5 lakh Scorpios on Indian roads and the brand has been getting stronger than ever. even in the face of increased competition. To put things into perspective, between the fiscal years 2012 and 2014, Mahindra sold 151,961 units of the Scorpio, which comes across as the SUV’s best sales performance, even as the competition increased many fold.