Video: Mahindra XUV500 vs Toyota Fortuner – the better SUV?

It’s not even a fair comparison. The XUV500 is nearly Rs. 7 lakh cheaper than the Toyota Fortuner. Buyers look up to the Fortuner as a very desirable premium SUV. But can the XUV500 actually woo buyers away from the Fortuner. Here’s a video comparison between the two.

Our expert community also debated this issue after watching the video. Here are the key points that some of them had to make on the Toyota Fortuner vs the Mahindra XUV500:

Siddhartha Mishra

“I think the Review is comprehensive in terms of the key points: XUV is cheaper with more features while Fortuner is a typical Toyota with more reliability and true-blue SUV character. However, I’d like to add that the Fortuner now comes with an AT, and would also discuss a bit about the various versions available. Also, maybe a bit of the off-roading capabilities of both (does the XUV have any?)”

Shreyans Jain

“I think the review should have covered the difference in the third row seating of the two cars. That was a point which was missed. I have never sat in the last row of a Fortuner, but I assume it will be better than the XUV’s. Siddhartha makes a point about the automatic, it does add to the convenience factor. For me:


Pros: Features, performance, economy, price and VFM, 6 speed gearbox

Cons: Reliability, Mahindra service, waiting period, zero luggage space with 7 up

Overall: A budget value-for-money option


Pros: Looks, build, automatic option, 4×4 ability, Toyota service and reliability

Cons: Lesser features, only 4 speed auto and 5 speed manual, slightly thirsty, Innova interiors.

Overall: The real SUV for Rs. 22 lakh.

Anupam Potdar

My thoughts:

1. Fortuner has a sense of grandeur. Very mature elegant look and image. XUV sort of looks stylish and flamboyant, bit immature.

2. Fortuner interior quality is good but looks very basic. Functional, but not stylish. XUV looks more stylish but again slightly immature due to the colors and shapes and too much fake wood plastics.

3. Fortuner – 5 speed transmission is stone age. Reduces fuel efficiency. But they have introduced 2wd option as well which is good. The automatic is even worse. Lot of torque is there to compensate but reduces FE and smoothness/responsiveness. XUV – 6 speed gearbox is good.

4. Fortuner – good off road due to permanent 4wd but no electronics like hill assist, etc. XUV front wheel drive is only ok for everyday city/highway use. It has understeer. Front-wheel drive oesn’t seem enough for such a big car. More features, but no permanent 4wd. Controlled by electronics.

5. Fortuner is a more complete product. XUV is a giant leap for Mahindra but still a long way to go.

Devdath Narayan

To me, the biggest advantage of the Fortuner over the XUV is its durability, but alas, how many customers, in today’s day and age, keep their vehicles for that long.

Secondly, M&M’s service costs are rising day after day, to ridiculous levels and this is one area where the Fortuner turns the tables on the XUV. Expensive, yet cheap to maintain.

The Fortuner, especially, when analysed at the price Toyota demands for it, comes across as a vehicle which is over priced by at least 10 lac INR, while the XUV is pure VFM.

All in all, it is the XUV, which does 90% of what the Fortuner can, in plusher interiors, more toys in the cabin and frugally, takes the cake.

Kaiser Ketkar

My views on the topic:

If you can stretch your budget to Rs. 20+ lacs, then the Fortuner is the SUV to buy. It’s got everything going for it: looks, build quality, reliability, etc. But if you can’t stretch your budget, then the XUV is the best of the lot out there – even bettering some of its costlier competitors.

The fully loaded XUV is truly fully loaded and it’s got a great, tried and trusted engine. Yes, the styling may not be to everyone’s liking, but if the XUV is overdone on styling bits, the 2012 Fortuner is overdone on chrome – not to my liking.


 So you’ve seen what our experts had to say about this comparison. Do you have any thoughts? Share it with us.