[Video] MASSIVE Mahindra Bolero-motorcycle crash shows dangers of Indian highways

Here is a massive accident that happened on a highway in Gujarat’s Banaskantha district, where a Mahindra Bolero pick-up truck, driven at high speed, hit a family of three on a commuter motorcycle. The chilling video was caught on CCTV.

As the video indicates,the family on the commuter motorcycle are crossing the highway at a designated point that allows U-Turns. It appears as if the rider was absent-minded, not watching out for oncoming traffic while crossing the highway.

A Mahindra Bolero pick-up truck at high speed, probably 80-100 Kph, fails to slow down for the intersection, and slams into the motorcycle. All three riders of the motorcycle – the rider, a woman pillion and a child fall onto the highway.

The Bolero nearly crashes too, with its driver barely managing to recover from what looked like a surefire topple. The rider of the motorcycle manages to sit up but the the lady seems to be writhing in pain. Miraculously, the child manages to walk away from the crash. Passers-by quickly pull the child away from danger, and try to warn oncoming traffic. Luckily for the family, all three are said to have survived with minor injuries.

There are multiple things happening here:

  1. The motorcycle rider crosses the road without bothering about oncoming traffic – the first red flag.
  2. None of the riders of the motorcycle are wearing crash helmets – the bare minimum of safety gear.
  3. The Mahindra Bolero pick-up driver does not slow down for the intersection, another red flag.
  4. The Bolero driver also seems to be inattentive/distracted to the motorcyclist crossing the road.
  5. All these factors come together for this crash.

Indian highways are fraught with dangers, from inattentive drivers to a lot of people who hit speeds like it’s nobody’s business. Then are are two wheelers, which are slow moving, and sitting ducks for a lot of faster traffic. It’s extremely important to stay alert while crossing highways, and also slow down for intersections.