[Video] Mercedes CLA lady-driver beats up Volvo bus driver in Delhi

Road rage is something that can easily escalate into a very dangerous situation. In an event that took place in Delhi, a lady driver of Mercedes-Benz CLA is seen thrashing a bus driver. Here’s what happened.

What’s happening here?

The incident took place in Naraina in Delhi on Monday. The lady, Ritu Chandok, was driving a red coloured Mercedes-Benz CLA, which also had her daughter riding along. The car came to stop a stop at a regular police check post on the way when a Volvo bus hit the vehicle from behind. The daughter is said to have sustained a minor injury after the collision.

According to Ritu, when she confronted the bus driver, he misbehaved with her. Ritu says that she even complained about the incident to the traffic constable who was present at the check post, but he’s said to have asked the bus driver to leave from the spot instead. After getting no help from the cops, Ritu took matters in her own hands and started beating the bus driver.

Ritu Chandok who is the wife of BJP leader, Rakesh Chandok, is repeatedly seen asking for the driving license from the bus driver. When the traffic cops present there tried to intervene, Ritu pushed them away and started to beat the bus driver. Ritu also reports that no onlooker came to her rescue, instead choosing to record the whole incident.

When the things started getting out of hand, the constable made the Volvo bus driver apologize to Ritu. Meanwhile, Delhi Police swung into action after the video became viral on a few social media sites. The cops tracked the lady down through the video and have reportedly ‘enquired’ about the incident. There’s no news of any action being taken against the lady or the bus driver yet.

Road Rage

There have been numerous incidents of road rage going out of hand in India. It is important to avoid such situations and not get into hostile situations where you can get hurt.

If you’re involved in an accident, always call the police first. If the occupants are hurt, giving medical care to the victims should be the primary action.

It is always better option to apologize and move on instead of getting into destructive arguments. It is a good idea to be in good mood when on road, else, small incidents can snowball into big ones.

Via AajTak