[Video] Motormind’s Chevrolet Cruze to Camaro conversion is totally AWESOME

Motormind has built a replica of an iconic muscle car, the Chevrolet Camaro. The replica is built on the Chevrolet Cruze, the most powerful sedan sold by General Motors in India. This is India’s first such replica, and the fit and finish of the vehicle is absolutely marvellous. The exteriors of the replica car are totally new, and they do away with every bit of the Cruze. This video will tell you almost everything you need to know about this replica car.

The bonnet, headlamps, grille, bumpers, fenders, tail lamps, the bootlid spoiler, the alloy wheels, fenders and the gullwing doors are the new bits on the car. These bits come together to give the Cruze its Camaro identity. Gullwing doors will be particularly preferred by a lot of people as they give the car a dramatic appeal. Motormind has taken about 5-6 months to build this replica car.

The replica car retains the dimensions of the Cruze, with the look of the Camaro. It is much smaller than the real Camaro, and also sits much higher. This is to keep the car usable on regular Indian roads, where ground clearance is very important. The interiors of the car have been given a complete makeover. The interiors have a red and black scheme, and plenty of polyurethane has been used to give a lot of interiors bits a soft-touch finish. Even the seats have contrast stitching. The car retains its 5 seat layout.

Under the bonnet, this replica job is likely to have retained the 2 liter turbocharged diesel engine that the stock Cruze used to come with. Peak power and torque outputs of this engine are 164 Bhp and 360 Nm. A 6 speed automatic gearbox transmits torque to the front wheels. The Cruze – like the Camaro – has always been a straight line rocket. The replica continues to stay true to tradition.