Video of ‘Godman’ Bageshwar Baba standing out of Rs 2.5 crore Land Cruiser SUV’s sunroof goes viral

We have come across several videos and images on the internet where people, or kids are seen standing outside the sunroof of their vehicle while it is in motion. We have mentioned several times in our article that it is dangerous to do so. With the increasing popularity of sunroofs, almost every manufacturer in the Indian market is offering this feature with some of their products, even in some budget-friendly vehicles. In one such video, a godman – Dhirendra Shastri also known as Bageshwar Baba – is seen standing out of a moving Toyota Land Cruiser SUV worth over Rs 2.5 crore.


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The video has been shared by the Rich Torque Instagram page. In this small reel that has now gone viral on the internet, we can see Bageshwar Baba standing out of the sunroof of a moving Toyota Land Cruiser. The SUV seen here in the video is a current generation Land Cruiser LC300, launched earlier this year, with an extremely long waiting period. The video was recorded at night, and it is not clear what the ‘godman’ is trying to do here.

In the video, he can be seen swinging a wand in the air while the car is moving forward. We are not sure who this person is; however, we can see some security personnel with him. The security officers are standing on the footrest of the SUV, holding onto the roof rail of the vehicle. The sad part about this video is that there is a security vehicle (Mahindra Bolero) behind the Land Cruiser, and they did not stop him from doing this act. The Land Cruiser SUV seen here does not have a registration plate; instead, it has a board that says Land Cruiser both at the front and rear.

Video of ‘Godman’ Bageshwar Baba standing out of Rs 2.5 crore Land Cruiser SUV’s sunroof goes viral
Godman with his Toyota Land Cruiser

The SUV is being driven at a decent speed through the city road while the godman sticks his body out of the sunroof. The video has been recorded by a person in another vehicle on another lane. As we can see, there is a partition between the roads. The exact location where this stunt was carried out is not known. Sunroofs on a car or an SUV are designed for air circulation. Keeping the windows open at high speed can cause the air to directly hit your eyes, which may cause problems. The sunroof is designed to recycle the air without much wind disturbance. However, most people use the opening to stand out from the vehicle.

This is an extremely dangerous trend to follow. A person standing out of the sunroof of a moving car can easily lose control if the driver suddenly applies brakes or changes lane. There are even chances that the person standing out of the sunroof may be thrown out onto the road and seriously injured. Standing out of the sunroof of a moving vehicle is also illegal. If someone is seen doing such stunts on public roads, the cops can stop the vehicle and issue a challan. There have been several incidents where cops have issued challans for such stunts.