Video of kid sticking head out of a moving Lamborghini Aventador replica goes viral

People sticking their head out of the electric sunroof on a moving car is a very common sight on Indian roads. In most cases, it is the kids who do such things as they enjoy it a lot. Electric sunroofs were initially available with expensive and luxury cars only. However, due to their rising popularity manufacturers have started offering this in affordable cars as well. There are a variety of cars in the market that now offer a sunroof. Here we have a video of a Lamborghini Aventador replica a kid sticking his head out through the moving car.

The video has been shared by lensforwheels on their Instagram page. As per the video, the custom build fake Lamborghini Aventador or Aventador replica was spotted in Indore. The work on this car is probably done by some local workshop and we have featured some of these conversions or modifications works on our website in the past. The donor car of such projects are mostly some low-slung sedan like Honda City or previous generation Civic. When it comes to Lamborghini, Aventador was available with a hardtop and a roadster variant. Even with the hard top variant, Lamborghini did not offer features like a sunroof as it was a proper sportscar. When you first look at the video, it may look like the kid is standing through the sunroof of the car.

On closer inspection, it is clear that the car was built to look like a roadster and the open top was standard. The kid is probably on the rear seat of the car and is standing on it. Half of his body is outside the car. There is another kid at the back seat who can be seen in the video only for few seconds. The kid is probably excited about the ride in his cool-looking Aventador roadster replica. He keeps looking around to see how people around him are reacting to the car. The rear design of the replica car does look like an Aventador from some angles however, the rear bumper and tail lamps look cheap.

Video of kid sticking head out of a moving Lamborghini Aventador replica goes viral

If you are a person who likes cars, you would easily recognise this as a replica. Original Aventador is a mid-engine sports car that can seat two people. The one seen here in the video has engine mounted at the front and comes with fake engine air vents at the rear. The video does not show how the front-end of the Lamborghini replica looks like in this video. In this video, the kid is seen standing on the rear seat and upper half of his body is out of the car. This is again a dangerous thing to do, especially when the car is on the move. As we can see, the car is being driven on a busy road and if the driver were to apply brakes suddenly, the kid might loose control and fall. He might hit his head somewhere in the car and may even fall out of it. Such things should not be promoted and if cops can actually fine you for this.