Video of scuffle between cop & Toyota Fortuner driver in Chandigarh goes viral

We have heard several reports and seen videos where cops often get engaged with drivers who violated rules on the road. There are videos of people driving away with cops holding on to the bonnet as the driver did not stop. Here we have one such video from Chandigarh that has now gone viral on the internet. The video shows a scuffle between cop and driver. What happened? Let’s watch the video report.

The video has been uploaded by The Tribune on their YouTube channel. The video that went viral on the internet was actually recorded by a person from a car that was parked behind the Toyota Fortuner. In this video, the Fortuner driver is seen getting down the vehicle and Assistant Sub-Inspector Ravinder is seen standing outside the car. Both driver and the cop were having an argument and soon they argument escalated and they both manhandled each other.

Seeing this, a traffic cop who was present at the spot came running towards the SUV and started recording video in his official camera for proof. The driver then started arguing with the traffic cop (Senior Constable Rahul) and after that he got into his SUV. As the chances of driver leaving the spot were very high, traffic cop forcibly removed the keys from the SUV and walked away. The whole incident was recorded by the person in the car parked behind the Fortuner and even people passing through the road stopped to see what was happening.

Video of scuffle between cop & Toyota Fortuner driver in Chandigarh goes viral

After removing the keys, the cops are seen taking multiple pictures of the SUV. According to the report, the Fortuner was initially stopped by the cops for an offence. Exact details regarding the offence are not available. The incident happened on a road near Punjab University last week. The matter was reported to the police and the authorities are looking into the matter. After the video of the cops went viral, an inquiry has been initiated by the police. Till the time the inquiry was pending, both the police officers, ASI Ravinder and Senior Constable Rahul have been sent to the Traffic Lines.

This is not the first time something like this has happened in the country. In the past there have been incidents where cars were driven off for kilometres with cop holding on for their lives on the bonnet. Last year video of a  driver who drove with a traffic cop on the bonnet when he tried to stop a Skoda Laura had gone viral on the internet. In that incident, the cop tried stopping that car that was coming from the wrong side. An FIR was registered against the driver.

Coming back to the incident that happened in Chandigarh, more information is yet to come out. The exact offence that was done by the driver is not specified. These days, most of the public roads have CCTV cameras that are installed by the cops. Even if the driver plans to flee from the spot, the details of the vehicle can be tracked down from their database. In this video, the cops took pictures and videos of the vehicle on the personal and official handycam.

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