Video of youngsters stopping a truck and dancing to its musical horn becomes viral

In India, truck drivers have a fun side to themselves. Apart from having a ton of road stories to tell, many of them are also known for installing innovative horns in their trucks. If you already got the gist of what we are going to talk about, the innovative horn tones of trucks resembling that of Hindi movies might already have started playing in your head. One such popular Hindi movie tone is that of ‘naagin dance’, which has become synonymous among truck drivers for their horns.

Not only truck drivers, but also people passing nearby these trucks get amazed when such horns start playing around them. However, this YouTube video from the channel of B Rahul shows an altogether different craze for truck horns. In the video, we can see a bunch of youngsters dancing to the tune of the truck horn, which resembles that of the ‘naagin dance‘. This amusing video has gone viral on the internet, attracting the attention of thousands of netizens on other social media platforms too.

The video starts with a group of young boys riding their motorcycles and parking them on the roadside, as soon as they see a truck approaching them while playing its horn.

Danced in the middle of road

Video of youngsters stopping a truck and dancing to its musical horn becomes viral

The youngsters seem overjoyed by the music of the horn, which resembles that of the very popular ‘naagin dance’. This music is already popular in India as it is one of the most played tracks in wedding processions, commonly called ‘baaraat’.

Seeing the truck approaching them while playing the horn, the youngsters start dancing to the tune of the horn in the middle of the road. This crazy dance performed by the youngsters attracted other passers-by too, who started joining them in their dance.

The origin of the video is unknown and not described anywhere in the description of the video. However, it looks like the video was shot on a highway in the rainy season.

The video has attracted the attention of many netizens. While some are expressing their joy over the tune after watching the video, some have pointed out that dancing like this in the middle of the road is dangerous, especially on a moving highway. In our opinion, dancing on the road is extremely dangerous, especially since it is a busy highway with busy traffic including heavy trucks and buses passing. All people, especially youngsters, should be extra cautious while riding or driving on highways, and not disrupt the way of other vehicles on the road.

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