Video of youth stunting on cars goes viral: Police start investigation & launch manhunt

The road infrastructure of Uttar Pradesh has improved a lot in recent years. With the highest number of road infrastructure projects in the state, many have said that UP have one of the best roads in India. Well, there are a few who misuse such infrastructure to do stunts.

A video, which is reportedly from Etah in Uttar Pradesh has become viral on the Internet. The video shows three cars in a convoy formation on the empty highway. There are youths on the top of the cars who are dancing and clicking selfie pictures.

The youths are driving at a high speed and reports have identified around 12 youngsters. The video is not very long but it shows the brazen and illegal act.

Police have started an investigation

After the video of the incident became viral on the Internet and also by the local and national news channels, the police have released a statement. A senior police officer said that there is no highway where the incident took place and the roads do not have any railing.

However, since so many reports have claimed that the incident happened in the same area, the cops have started an investigation. The police will try to identify the youngsters and the cars by the registration numbers.

The registration number of the cars are not visible. One of the cars in the background does not even have a registration plate. We are not sure if they have removed it deliberately so that the police cannot track them.

Stunting on public roads

Video of youth stunting on cars goes viral: Police start investigation & launch manhunt

Performing stunts on public roads is illegal and dangerous. There are high chances that these stunts can end in an accident. This is also a distraction to other motorists. If you want to perform such stunts, it is recommended to find an empty spot, a ground or even a closed road for these purposes.

Nowadays, Police has also become vigilant. Authorities have set up CCTV cameras in various parts of the city to monitor traffic and other activities. Digitization has also helped authorities improve their style of working. They even have speed detection cameras and other equipment to trace violators.

These days, cops directly send challans online. This is not the first time something like this has happened. In the past, the cops have acted on the videos that have become viral on the Internet and have caught many offenders too.

In Uttar Pradesh, such cases keep on happening. In March, the cops arrested two girls who became viral while doing stunts on the public roads. Later, a man who was doing push-ups on the top of a moving car became viral and the cops acted on the basis of the viral video and arrested the violator too.