[Video] Overloaded, 16-wheeler truck flips and crushes car

Time and again, overloaded trucks have lost control and crashed. And on many occasions, they’ve crashed into/onto smaller vehicles, causing extensive damage to life and property. One such crash happened in the wee hours of the Republic Day, on Bangalore’s International Airport Road, which is also a part of the NH7. The overloaded truck crashed onto a Toyota Etios, completely crushing it and killing the solitary driver inside the car. From the images and video of the aftermath, it’s amply clear that no car could have survived a 16 wheeled, overloaded truck crashing onto it.


Apparently, the truck  – overloaded with paper rolls – was making a sharp right turn at high speed when it lost control and overturned. An Etios that was driving alongside was crushed by the falling truck, and the driver of the car is said to have died on the spot.

The truck driver has been absconding after the crash. It’s not clear as to whether there was some other vehicle that caused the truck driver to make the sharp right turn. Generally, drivers of overloaded vehicles do not change direction suddenly except if having to brake hard for/avoid some other vehicle/pedestrian on the road.

Meanwhile, the car in question did feature a stable body structure, and is known for having safety features such as airbags as standard across variants. Yet, the sheer impact of the falling 16 wheeled truck meant that there was nothing even a stable body structure could do against the huge mass falling on it.

This brings us to the big problem – Overloading. Time and again, corrupt law enforcement officials in India give overloaded trucks a free run after accepting bribes at check-points. These trucks are not only a hazard to other road users as they cannot be controlled during emergency braking or direction changes, but also damage roads they ply on.