[Video] Overtake gone wrong – Royal Enfield Classic 350 & Honda City; Who’s fault?

Here is a video that shows how overtaking in the hills can be so dangerous and why one must be extra careful while riding/driving in hills that have blind corners.

In this video, we can see that a rider on a Royal Enfield Classic 350 is trying to overtake a Honda City. From the video we can make out that the City driver is driving at a good pace. The rider on the Classic 350 tries to overtake the City in a blind corner, and almost ends up hitting a bulldozer coming from the opposite side of the road. At the same time, the City driver seems to passing another motorcycle. With no space to overtake and finding an oncoming bulldozer at the last minute, the Classic 350 rider brakes hard, and just misses hitting the bulldozer.

This overtaking maneuver by the rider on the Classic 350 has multiple mistakes,

  1. The rider says that he was riding fast to catch up another group of riders who are said to be far ahead of him. This means that he is trying to ride faster than usual. He also may be riding higher than his comfortable speed, and this increases the chances of a crash.
  2. He overtakes at a blind spot, which is a very stupid thing to do. Never overtake any vehicle on a blind spot. Such overtaking is is one of the biggest causes of accidents on roads that don’t have dividers.
  3. The rider also notes that his regular bike is a Bajaj Dominar 400, a bike that is much more powerful and quicker than the Royal Enfield Classic 350. What this also means is the rider is yet to figure the amount of power the Classic 350 has for quick overtaking moves. If you don’t know the amount of reserve power in your machine, simply don’t attempt to find this out on a risky overtaking maneuver. It could cost your life.